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Just kind of an awkward child who loves manga of all sorts. I love music, and making my own manga, singing, making youtube videos, and all sorts of stuff. I go by Matty or Matt due to my old obsession to Death Note as a kid so I was Matt Jeeves and my sister was name stuck somehow but not hers so I now go by Matt (going on the 8th year..) But..ya :D
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    Syd Gutierrez
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Yaaaaassssssssssssss ♡♡♡♡♡
I do feel sorry for him, I do. But he fell for temptation, hopefully he'll learn from it.
Shots fired! Dun dun duuuunnnnn!
Hemerpherpher! >w< I love your comic so much and now it's getting sooo interesting. I don't exactly hate Link but he's not a favorite character but he's still a cool one :)
January 10th, 2015
The page looks great :) and oh the cat troubles lol. This page reminds me of my bf and I XD tickle is only solution
Your messy makes my average look like garbage XD The page looks great :D
I am loving this so much right. I gotta say Seki is one of my top favorites to read on this site! Love the playful teasing too. <3
I read the lyrics and i thought they sounded familiar and i look in the corner and it is what i thought. I love this even more now XD
XD seriousness: eliminated thanks to Serious Joe
Loving already.
I just read this all today and I'm already in love with it. The art is fantastic and I love the style of the characters and their hair color >w< so colorful. So fantastic. :)
Horraayyy :D I love how Bobby knows there's nothing good coming out of warehouses XD
@Whitespirit: Sadly I don't know how to DX I'm like so clueless on how to do that stuff XD. And Yesh his hair is all fluffy like a kitty :D
Lance almost looks like a creep when he's looking at Bobby then turns away XD Creepy Lance
Nooo faacceess
"We have no faces!" XD I loved that.
I had to use paint on this and it really shows I need to learn how to use Photoshop so please excuse this terrible coloring >.<
@Whitespirit: I could never get tired of it so I continuously re read it :D and not gonna lie I check every few days to see if a new page is uploaded XD. and ya I have my own and one I'm working on right now but have been making different series' since freshman year of High School. (I think theres 16 books of 5 different series' cause I'm a maniac)XD ^_^
Loving this
I absolutely love the style of this manga/comic. I also love the style of the characters, they remind me of my very first manga characters. I love the story too :) I think I've re-read the whole thing...3 or 4 times...something like that. :D