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Hey, why are you here
dis my house
this isn't Pokemon
Get out
Ohai, I was talking to my pet cactus. I'm Kuribo.
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@Surfersquid: :D Being busy is fine, don't worry!
@Surfersquid: It's been almost six months, I hope we haven't been forgotten...
@Green Kirby the Leaft: Valoo's too big- *also
Now we wait for Silver...

I'm bored.
It's taken down? Why?
September 26th, 2014
R.I.P. My eyes
@Jarkes: First popular one. But there was only, like, four, so... I don't know.
@Guest: Joke.
What if it really is a trap? Now THAT would have to be one of the biggest twists EVAH!
Hey, we're almost at page 151!
@Surfersquid: You're welcome! These are great! This comic deserves 200 fans!
I'm the 200th Fan!