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Darth Lateralus
I'm into video games and music basically. Tool, A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Weezer, and the like.

Favorite games include Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Burnout, Prince of Persia and SSX.

I also love Arrested Development, Penny-Arcade, Star Wars and Spider-Man.
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What does "FTW" mean? Any help here on the Intertron acronym I'm supposed to know because I guess I'm a nerd and I should already know it?
There's a puppy joke again! This is (like) my favorite comic!
You're welcome, this was a lot of fun to draw!

Merry Christmas!
The first half of this joke was basically written by Nick, so a thanks goes out to him.

Also, first one to get this on YouTube wins something, I just don't know what yet.
I don't know why, but hands were particularly hard to draw this time around. I think I make up for it with the incredibly realistic falling book in panel 2 though.

It's like watching a film, really.
Oh Aleclom, you're always there to catch my text mistakes.
I'm thinking Udelz will become a regular, like the panda attacks in PVP. It will be GLORIOUS.
I used to draw a Homestar Runner comic, and I learned everything I did about drawing boxing gloves from sketching Strong Bad.
Oops, uh, yeah, that too.
I basically totally stole this character from Penny-Arcade, but I also beat them to this joke, so I'll call it even for us.
Yeah, instead of trying to explain how Jake grew a foot taller than Craig, I just decided to make him jumping up in rage.

It just seemed right.
If it makes the comic funnier, then yes, it is from Baldur's Gate.
This comic works pretty hard at the punchline, but I think the pro-level mini-golf play makes the page interesting enough.
I've been trying to throw in as many Metal Gear Solid references as possible lately. Some are kind of a stretch...
What happens when you hit an RV
KABOOM! Crash'd! BAKEWSHH!! Oh noes!! GAAAHH!!! Oh the HUMANITY! SOMEONE, PLEASE! My car JUST crashed into an RV!
Ok, I'll just tell you....

On Craig:
Revolver Ocelot's weaponry from Metal Gear Solid
Captain America's Sheild
Iron Man's Jet Boots
Mega-Man's Arm Cannon
Cyclops's Eyes
Batman's Cape

On Jake:
Doc Ock's arms
Spider-Man's Webshooter
Cloud's Buster Sword from FF VII
Snake's Headband from Metal Gear Solid
And those wings on his shoes that are from a bunch of things, including the Greek god Mercury.
That's right, mattalec. And you're right again, it's pretty stupid, but if you look closely, Jake is eating Matt's head.

And Beauty and the Beast is just a fantasy everyone has occaisionally.
For the record, I really like "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles. It's, like, the best, ever, man, haxx.
I'm glad this comic some how ended up back here.
Dear Aleclom,


E. Skal