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I love reading comics as much as creating them especially the BL!
@mrb67: Yeah, it's very sweet! I'd expect nothing less from such a sophisticated Yakuza boss! LOL
"Dumpling" XD Ethan's such a goofball, love it! Uh oh, red string is activated! Does that mean they're not forced to be stuck together anymore? O_O
@Rai-Chu: Janet's not really the kind of boss that likes to be ignored. She don't care what's going on folks must answer her. LOL
D'awww! "Kuran the encourager"! LOL
Ooh, nice! Love the blue on him! ^_^
LOL Gotta love his confidence!
Kuran might be onto something... Better keep a close eye on Constance. XD
@Mirror_Heart: Just thank your lucky stars that Marcia ain't your mama... Remember she did date Phil before before she got all possessive on him. I think he wouldn't be too shocked that she jumped on the next available dick that was around. LOL

Aw, you're not enjoying Marco making new frienemies? Sad to say, no meteor is falling on them anytime soon... Especially for this scene. And no Bruce isn't getting away that easily. XD
Marco is doing what he does best, screwing with people in more ways than one.

New Scene! And it looks like Bruce and Jules are alive, don’t know about the well part. Now that Bruce has HHD mere straps aren’t going to keep him down. He’s not happy feeling the changes in his body right now.
Kuran has many titles... Today it's: "Kuran the comforter". LOL
@Rai-Chu: Me too! Yeah, Rosie enjoys talking about Mirror's scandals which are plentiful! LOL
D'awww, Ethan you adorable dork you! LOL
Oh, he's bringing up the exploding airplane?
@Mirror_Heart: Let the boy sleep! LOL

@raziesgirl: Yeah, I don't think anyone's sleeping peacefully tonight. LOL
@Mirror_Heart: Oh wow, I guess he's going to have to bring back twice as many goodies then! Oh, I hope he'll get enough rest... He'll have a lot of making up to do for making you wait nearly a month! ^_^
Here’s another 3 pages concluding this scene. Kotori’s trying to get out of an already uncomfortable situation. Good thing Rosie is there to save the day!
He's getting the "hook up" in more ways than one! LOL
Wow, the revelations just keep stacking up! I hope Chitusme isn't going to be making another unexpected visit. ^_^'
The way somebody off screen shouting his name, doesn't sound good. LOL