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I love reading comics as much as creating them especially the BL!

Used to go by the pseudonym Black Chick, but it's retired as of 4.8.18.
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    ZzizzR (pronounced zee-zer)
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Good god, I commented logged on as my old pseudonym... Ugh, I do need a break! LOL
@Mirror_Heart: Anyone with HHD is pretty much walking around with super human strength when adrenaline is pumping. So, yeah they had to get you off of him quick.
@Mirror_Heart: Thanks, I'll try! ^_^'
Congrats, you've successfully kept me nervous for these two in these last few updates. LOL
Hope nothing vital got hit. -_-'
@Rai-Chu: LOL Thank you dear! ^_^
@Mirror_Heart: XD

@dgoluver199990: The good news for you is, I highly doubt they've gone completely off of each other. Thanks for still reading and your patience! ^_^
2 Page Wednesday, the next update maybe late depending on how soon I finish other projects I’ll be working on the rest of this week into the weekend.

Trevor may not think he’s a baby, but he loves being coddled especially when Kotori was doing it. Kotori’s discomfort is amplified as soon as Celeste’s name is brought up.
Kuran is rearing to go as usual! XD
@Mirror_Heart: That active imagination of his always gets the better of him! XD
Ran is helpless like a fly caught in a spider's web... XD
3 Page Friday! Yeah, Kotori’s timing is always perfect and seeing what he saw his mind can’t help but wish he was in Josh’s place. ^/////^

Can you believe near the end of this month it’ll be 4 years of Love or Blood? You know what that means… Surprises and changes…

Mainly some tweaks for the stie and my avatar and other nice surprises I’m still working on. With the avatar I’m retiring my college-inspired pseudonym, so some re-branding is happening especially for my social media pages. I’ll keep ya posted! ^_^
Aw, come on Mikey you didn't disappoint before! XD
Yeah, now's a good time to tell him flat you're not interested.
I'm waiting for pops to start throwing glitter and confetti he's so happy for Ranmaru! XD
@Mirror_Heart: LOL He cracks me up b/c he was being a big baby getting a tiny nosebleed. He hates pain. So Trevor barely hitting his nose is still a big deal to him. Given that he's been away from you for 2 years can't fault him for being greedy! ^_^
@Mirror_Heart: Eh, I passed through one of my in-laws briefly. I hope you enjoyed the Holiday w/ family! ^_^
Happy April Fool’s Day/ Easter/ Resurrection Day for those observing and celebrating.

I’m working, so just dropping an update here. 3 Page Sunday! Enjoy this new scene with Josh and Trevor getting on like a house on fire as usual! I wonder what started the row?