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I love reading comics as much as creating them especially the BL!

Used to go by the pseudonym Black Chick, but it's retired as of 4.8.18.
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    ZzizzR (pronounced zee-zer)
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Congrats, you've successfully kept me nervous for these two in these last few updates. LOL
Hope nothing vital got hit. -_-'
Kuran is rearing to go as usual! XD
Ran is helpless like a fly caught in a spider's web... XD
Aw, come on Mikey you didn't disappoint before! XD
Yeah, now's a good time to tell him flat you're not interested.
I'm waiting for pops to start throwing glitter and confetti he's so happy for Ranmaru! XD
A warm body is sometimes the best pillow! ^_^
Dude, spit it out already! LOL Disabuse Leon's ignorance about your feelings for Kalos!

And yes the plunging neckline would have been my fave too! Kalos has good taste! ^_^
Is he messing w/ Constance again? LOL
Pizza, the simple joys in life... That's luxury nowadays with my meager budget! XD
Kuran stays classy as always! LOL
Good luck with your job search! ^_^
Is Terean trying to help Luke as recompense for ratting him out? Right now, it looks like he's gonna beat the crap out of him if he says the wrong thing in that last panel. XD
Hehe, Kuran cracks me up with his inner most thoughts. He's like: "I'll hold back the tenderest of thoughts b/c this boy looks like he needs a handkerchief already! If I say this part he might melt into a puddle and never recover!"

Here's his latest nickname: Kuran the Tenderizer! XD