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I love reading comics as much as creating them especially the BL!
Desperate much Martin? Wow...
Sorry, it took me a while to post this... I always like to hear from more than one trusted contact before I share info. This is S. FL based organization the's also helping with aid and resources for relief from the devastation Maria and Irma. You can specify which island(s) you want the resources to go.
Yeah, I don't think it's a good idea to get in the face Gluttony. Boy, I can see this going horribly wrong already!
So far, so good... I don't think we're out of the woods yet. Constance may catch y'all with your trousers down... Or off in this case! ^////^
September 22nd, 2017
Aw, this is such a cute page! Get him Raze! ^_^
Now I'm worried for Elod... -_-'
September 21st, 2017
Ethan was so lost in the moment of penetration! Well, it is his first time w/ a guy so I understand. XD

Can we talk about that last panel and how delish his buns look? ^////^
@Mirror_Heart: Yeah, it's sad alright... Janson always thought that they would have been safer with Imiri, because he was always under attack in some way shape or form. He wanted them to have a stable life, because he's always on the move.
@Mirror_Heart: He'll eventually get some understanding... Right now, he's not doing too well with this separation. Especially with all of these changes and uncertainty. Fear makes anyone unreasonably selfish.
@Mirror_Heart: I had a feeling you'd like this page... XD

@Rai-Chu: I can't resist sneaking mythology refs into this. ^////^ Yeah, it was quite a wallop... LOL
Senna’s timing is impeccable… Unfortunately he doesn’t come with good news. I know it’s been a while, Imiri was last seen in Ch 07.2 ( ) with Pi (the cat) and Phi (the dog) just before the bombing of Grace Clinic.
In case you’re wondering, Mirror knew that Janson had a son, he just didn’t know it was Kotori.

Again, when you see the name spelled ‘Tori that’s how everyone addressed Kotori’s father… (Kotori Ahiga in the character chart if you can recall, otherwise just go eyeball it and save yourself the brain flatulence m’kay?)
Got 3 pages done… Obviously Phil’s protectiveness of Mirror never wanes even in the after life! LOL

Miraculously Kotori finally gets to see Janson, but it may be too soon to start rejoicing about the reunion.

***FYI, as I get more info I'll be sharing more about the other Caribbean Islands affected by #HurricaneMaria... For now, a friend of mine brought this post to my attention: 100 % of Puerto Rico is without light. The Emergency Management Antenna and the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center have collapsed. Some cell towers have fallen and many radio stations are out of the air. If anyone knows of any person who needs help, please call (787) 777-0940 WIPR radio; they are receiving emergency calls. Share this on your status please! (Copy and paste)
Hurricane Hotlines numbers for Puerto Rico to call and check on Family and Friends.

Please share this information for anyone who needs it!
Hopefully, Constance didn't pull a bitch move and secretly had Ranmaru and Berenice switch rooms! Kuran's had enough surprises I think! LOL
Ooh, what a way to celebrate with an update! Congrats my dear! ^_^

This is hilarious just because Talon looks like he's going to eat him. Poor thing, hope the ride won't be too bumpy with them incisors! XD
Kuran, you tease!!! Love it! LOL
September 18th, 2017
Always enjoy your fight scenes!
Seems like Imanaishi knows how to have fun when he fights... Hope they get out of immediate danger in time! ^_^'
Maybe too late... Someone seems to be playing lookout for her majesty. I don't of know any regent who doesn't know what the heck is going on inside and outside their court!
Mr. Koat isn't going to be too thrilled with the extra company. He was already uncomfortable about Luke showing up before!
@Mirror_Heart: I had a feeling you'd love that line! ^_^