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I love reading comics as much as creating them especially the BL!
Good luck with your job search! ^_^
Is Terean trying to help Luke as recompense for ratting him out? Right now, it looks like he's gonna beat the crap out of him if he says the wrong thing in that last panel. XD
@Rai-Chu: Yup! LOL
@Mirror_Heart: Elaine is that News Reporter (from Ch 05). She'll be seen on the TV again, we're not done seeing her. And we'll see more of Seo-Yun, she's friends and schoolmates with Olayemi.
3 Page Wednesday! New scene with Rosie and she’s enjoying the company of Knight and her birds… There’s a certain person she’s not looking forward to seeing right now. ^_^

Also the Character List is FINALLY updated with all of the new faces you’ve been seeing lately and I made it BIGGER, so folks can see it better! ^_^’
Hehe, Kuran cracks me up with his inner most thoughts. He's like: "I'll hold back the tenderest of thoughts b/c this boy looks like he needs a handkerchief already! If I say this part he might melt into a puddle and never recover!"

Here's his latest nickname: Kuran the Tenderizer! XD
That softened him up....
@Mirror_Heart: ^_^ Creating chaos/ confusion among the people makes it easy to take control doesn't it? And they're not married, he never married any of the women he was with, including Phara the mother of Olayemi (Kayin's only son).

Almost done updating the character list yay!
It’s safe to say that there’s little privacy on the Somnium.
3 Page Friday and Celeste is trying for an award-winning performance…
@Rai-Chu: LOL Yeah, these two are hopeless!
@Sailor.Sirius: Cool, I'll let you be the judge! ^_^
@Mirror_Heart: Remind her it's BL, will ya? Mano hit it a few times deary... Unlike Kayin, he does like other men!
4 Page Wednesday… Sooooo Kayin did want to kiss and make up just not with Celeste… XD
I know what you’re thinking… Celeste actually has been doing sneaky things like wear the same scents as Mano. And yes she knew about their prior hook up.
Kayin doesn’t handle involuntary celibacy very well… He says the darnedest things!