I love reading comics as much as creating them especially the BL!
Not going to breathe a sigh of relief until I see who the heck is talking to him. I won't assume it's Luke yet!
@Mirror_Heart: Oh yeah! LOL I'm sure she'll be ready to fight Celeste after this upcoming scene! ^_^
@Mirror_Heart: I had to put down my coffee after reading that second sentence! *_*' *shudders* Um.... I think he's very interested in listening to someone in particular...
Keeping Kuran away from Ranmaru? She's a new enemy for sure now! XD
Mano, you’re waaaaay too distracted with your obsession.

Let’s see if Celeste is done drooling over Kotori in the next scene! ^_^
Here’s the last 2 pages of this scene… Enjoy! ^///////^

LOL Obviously, Koat doesn't realize how hard-headed Mike is. Hopefully he'll come across the river creature again and not something or someone with bad intentions.
"Second mom?" Yeah, better watch that one! LOL
@Mirror_Heart: Good thing you know when and how often these closets are accessed. LOL
@Mirror_Heart: Well, you did inflate more than his ego... XD
Yeah, Koat you do have a real challenge on your hands... Hopefully time will be your best ally in this process.
3 More pages! Looks like Mirror was able to calm Josh down. Will Josh return the favor? ^_^
Wow, good luck with the move! I'll be around lurking as usual.
Whew, I had to play catch up! I enjoyed this chapter and glad to see Tobi & Enyo's reunion! Thank you for all your hard work and sharing your talent! Looking forward to seeing more! ^_^
August 11th, 2017
D'awww! ^_^
If those are old boots, I need me a pair! They look 10 times better than my old workbooks! XD Interesting that he went back to Gia for advice.
Uh-oh, Ran is super tight with her? Why do I get the feeling that the Mrs. Constance isn't going to get along with Kuran now? XD
@Mirror_Heart: Yeah, pay no attention to the way Mano openly flirted with you with his bold self, and him saying your pet name aloud that was inspired by your lusty-side! LOL

@Rai-Chu: Agreed, but at least he appreciates those who genuinely love him now more than ever. Mano isn't the only guy who's tried to get Mirror's affections (and attention for that matter), he's just was one of the lucky ones who Mirror actually tried to date and almost fell for. ^_^