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I love reading comics as much as creating them especially the BL!
Nothing's worse than a desperate man. I still worry for Ranmaru and Kuran.
@Mirror_Heart: Aw, feel better! I know you're being well taken care of! ^_^
Enjoy 4 dramatic pages for this week! Busy time with other projects…
Nobody wants to deal with Kodaka... XD
@Mirror_Heart: Or in this case, don't rouse the Cassowary and Wild Boar. Cassowary's need no explanation, but the Boar had been giving some folks in Spain hell quite recently.
Be nice Josh! I know you can’t stand Trevor right now b/c he kept you up with his paranoia, which is why you’re taking shots at him every chance you get.
Here comes REAL trouble and she’s going into Anne’s room… What business does she have there?
Finished these 3 pages finally! I often have to stop myself from re-tweaking what I’ve already tweaked. ^_^’

Josh is irritable and Laurel’s not having any of it. Darin get’s his laptop back, after it was thoroughly examined and scrubbed of spyware once Phil found out that it was being used to hack Mirror’s own.
XD The opposite happened, Hiro made him blush. Awww..
Why do I get the feeling Ryko's going to say something that'll make him blush? ^_^
LOL Don't get all flustered Hiro, it's just Ryko! You miss him already? XD
Uh-oh Mirror, people are noticing your strong reaction w/ Kotori.

Next update we’ll see what Josh Darin and Trevor are up to. Hopefully Darin’s kept them from fighting since they both didn’t get much sleep and are probably very grumpy!
D’awwwwww! ^_^
New Week, enjoy the last 3 pages of this scene! Looks like Imiri’s waking up and everyone’s overwhelmed learning of his sacrifice… Neva always ready with prayer.
@Mirror_Heart: Nothing wrong with that! ^_^
@Mirror_Heart: I'm sure Kovu appreciates that you have him on your mind over Kotori! LOL If only that worked w/ Iron Bull! XD
OMG, I'm done! I can't stop laughing! Kuran's definitely ready to roll in the hay!

Unless it's a hay loft avoid the hay on the stable floor! Just like one should avoid yellow snow! LOL
@jury: Oh, no doubt! Mirror does need to look in the mirror (pun intended) when it comes to his behavior.

I'm sure a lot of y'all will get in line to smack a bunch of my characters for their bad behavior soon.

As usual, I enjoy your comments! ^_^