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Want context?
Check the comments on the last page.
So have some filler.
And BC, "Younotupdatinglikeyousaidyouwould." is not a word.

I don't like that last panel too much, but I got tired of playing with it and just posted it. =/
Who's up for round two?
Yeah, I know I suck at updating.

Talk about the comic.... Go!
Oh dear.
I don't think it'd be good writing to kill myself again, however, there doesn't seem to be much hope for our hero...
Yeah, yeah...
I'm late, I acknowledged that so you don't have to.
Zero changes! You and Xanis and Alphonse were right.
The first person to guess correctly gets free art.

Hint: has to do with the number "Zero".
Better response: "I don't let logic get in the way of a bad pun, my friend."

Also, sorry, I'm trying!
Your car doesn't get into a wreck by not using it. That'd be silly.
And I meant to, too!

Laziness got in the way of that, though. XP
Quiet you. I've been working on a decently sized comic for a while, and life has had a tendency of GETTING IN THE WAY.
I don't let logic get in the way of a bad pun, my friend.
I dunno, I think the break pads are a bit smooth right now, which might explain why I didn't slow down or stop fast enough. =P
What Happened.
Jumped a curb, ruined the front left car wheel and cracked the window washer fluid tank.

I was passing someone going really slow, then they turned into me(They had turned on their blinker while I was passing.), I turned to avoid, saw the curb, slammed on the brakes, and then skidded and rammed into and over a curb.

No one was hurt, and not only did the person that barely missed me stop, but the guy driving behind me stopped too to make sure everyone was alright. After we made sure it was just me(And after I called my grandpa.) They left and the guy who's house I had ended up in front of came out to help me put on my spare tire while my Grandpa went to pick up my brother and deliver the mail to the post office(Which is what I set out to do in the first place, THANKFULLY it got there in time.), I thanked the guy, drove over to the church across the street, and hung out there until my grandpa got back from picking up my brother. Another man who lived next to the church asked if I was okay, or if I needed any help. my grandpa got back, we did a once over on the car, and he gave me ten dollars for gas.

All in all, I've got a solution roughly planned out between me and my grandpa, so if I don't have a hugton of homework tomorrow, we'll be checking some scrapyards for a new wheel for the car. Also, this whole thing makes me wonder why people lose faith in people in the first place, because in my experience people are pretty damn cool.

tl;dr I jumped a curb and broke some car parts. Things are set in motion to fix it. I am unhurt, I repeat, I am unhurt.

(But I'd really, really love to go a few months without having car trouble.)
This plan won't backfire at all.
Anyone else seeing.
Where I'm going with this?
This week there will be a comic every day put up.
Everyone. Panic. No-Wait, we were already on that. Keep it up!