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*joins Warren*
EA? Who dat? There's a collection of video game developers I stopped following years ago, and I think this mystery man is on the list.
@JinxazuMarai: *recommends using coal tar instead of oil*
And now a thought comes to mind, that if Warren was a nekomimi, his drug of choice would be catnip.
Might in fact be an Irish thing, since I don't remember that off the bat, but it rang out in the back of my head when I read it.
I'm sorry, but I'm focusing on the Artist's comments, again. If I get visited by Jehova's Witnesses, and I tell them I'm more interested in finding willing sacrifices for Cthulhu, but they keep going, I'll probably let them finish with me, too.
Poor broken kitty.
Would love to see a comic for the boss rush tower.
the knife is real
*warms up my bullet punch, aiming it at Nintendo*
One step closer to the root cause of his emotional detachment from human/humanoid beings.
*has popcorn in hand for the exciting conclusion... then sees Daz try to lighten the mood a little, but ignores the living shit out of the dancing man gif*
Here's my thesis: Deryll shows very little emotional attachment to anything outside of loyal pets. For evidence, please see the above comic.
Is the temptation to bite his ear still there?
@JinxazuMarai: This is why we like having you around.
Mama is a filthy casual if she'd be careless enough to forget to charge her portable gaming console before bed, let alone forget to bring it with her.
@Daz Keaty: Would love it if you could let us know you're ok on here when you get the chance; been reading up, and Mayo county looks like it didn't get hit too hard.
Press 'F' to pray. Press 'C' to attempt to claim Daz's things (you will fail, ya 'C' word)
Well, I went and looked them all up, then proceeded to look them all up.... I'm not sorry or disappointed.
@Hero of Comedy: You're doing better than me; I only got the last one.