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@Hero of Comedy: "Starting"? *points at the past two years* "Starting"?
How dare you make us feel TT.TT
I think fans are just salty over the one scene in the beginning of the reboot. "Not in a million years"?
This must be a really good game if Daz is breaking his 3 comic per game limit rule.
Gender equality is good. Using other people's pursuit of gender equality to further your own selfishness, bad. Just don't do things like Gen.
Poor Penny. Also, that's some serious red in her face... <.<
*suspicions of serial killer activated*
Why would you wanna play Monopoly with someone who runs a business for a living?
He's out of ideas.
Look on the bright side: you don't have to hear some perverted old man in a green onesie shout "KOOLOO LIMPAH!!!"
I side with Mana; he is a cyoot.
You are now reminded of the time you spent with the kitten in Shenmue.
@Daz Keaty: What are you gonna do? Take away my cameo rights? *hurriedly tries to rearrange his budget to manage $20/month while genuinely fearing for his cameo rights*
Sony is completely *ridiculous
@Daz Keaty: Just thought I could get a rise out of you; I think it's safe to say I failed. :P

Raving Rabbids
Re: P3B6: Derryl, buddy... have you even LOOKED at the fanbase???
I'd probably suck, too, so don't put yourself down, Daz.
Mana doesn't like following the signs...
Poké-who? ... What? TBH, I stopped keeping up on pokemon. It's a demanding series.