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Well, time to burn Mana at the stake.
Some conversations just aren't worth having.
Daire: one wild bitch.
I'm getting far away before she gets far enough down the list
And yet she's still so skinny...
*death stare intensifies*
Napping in a dumpster. Interesting choice.
@Hero of Comedy: He'll be fine. He's just gonna get snuggled alot-- oh, I see what you mean...
He doesn't know how lucky he is.
Get the torches and pitchforks!!!
Been a while since we've seen Mana's flatmate.
Sucks to be Warren's dad.
I think this is the worst I've felt for Warren.
Next someone's gonna ask to give 'em a hand and he's gonna clap
I should've warned Ava about Warren...
What are you hiding, Daz???
@Hero of Comedy: Right. I think autonomous is the word
Filthy. Nuff said
Annoying sidekicks. Can't play with em, can't play without em.
Guess we know where the names came from