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This is bound to blow up in Derryl's face.
Mana's gonna straight up steal Warren's position at this rate.
*Watching from the rooftops with a smirk on his face* Damn you, Dazzy.
Depending on how far GamerCafe is from Dublin, Mana's Nana is probably gonna be waiting a while.
Just like always, pink is the color of "Dun't fukk wit me, boi."
Life would be simpler, if only she'd give a certain filthy kitty a chance.
The moment I saw this one-off, I thought to myself, "Who the fuck is this dude, and why does he know Derryl?" As soon as he mentioned Sonic, I realized I can't be around Derryl anymore if he tries to get back into Sonic. I mean, great R34 material, funny memes, but it's like beating a deadhorse: All it's gonna do is make your arm(s) tired ..... ..... much like the R34.

Also, 3rd panel, 3rd bubble, "release" should be "releasing"
Daire is my favorite cat, by far. Sorry, Daz (no I'm not).
@Hero of Comedy: He doesn't have to; he's being direct, to the point, and not throwing any buzzwords or gimmicks at them like the other. Just what they want, and how they want it.
@Daz Keaty: *wallows in anguish :P*
I can't help but think the typo (3rd panel, second bubble, "piece") should actually STAY to undermine how much of a braggart this guy is.
@Light and Shadow: *looks at with scrutiny before handing over a bloodstained hockey mask and a machete as well* May as well add some more, then.
Mana! How could you! * Yoinks the katana and ceremoniously sheaths it before handing her a pair of wolverine claws* THAT'S how you maim someone.
*sniffle sniffle* WHO PUT THIS BOWL OF ONIONS HERE!?!?
It's gonna be a long two years ahead of Da-- wait, HE DOESN'T HAVE A NAME AT THIS POINT?????
Will Aoife see Derryl for who he really is? Will Gen stop staring at Aoife's ass? Will Kuz weep tears at the sight of this boy who looks like his late son? Find out next time on-- oh who am I kidding??? We already know the answers to these questions.
Mana should join. She's bound to run into Gen if she's into video games and life partners who are host to more body hair and animalistic features
@Hero of Comedy: Make sure there's room for VR video games

@zeta beta: Make sure they're fluffy.
*starts preparing apocalypse rations*