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Comment: Asking something of red-hair is spoopy

Question: Could Warren pull off a topknot? (The forum is open)

Addition to gif: Not "insert-ive"! "ASSERT-IVE"!!!
Admittedly a good system for getting away from those FAKKEN PRE-ORDER SHENANIGANS!
<.< ... these portrayals are too good
Wen CTR? (Seriously, though, Crash Team Racing is seriously underrated)
*puts hat over heart*
"Sure thing, complete stranger" XD
Kyoot nervous fox boi can't handle the sexy~
Mana does a good SpiderGwen.
I know responding to the Author's comment is a no-no, but since this a one and done type thing:

Shut up, Daz, you're part of the next generation, and you know it. (That being said, I feel the same about New Year's)
... *grabs popcorn* Dis year's gon be guud~
WARREN!! SHAME ON YOU!!! You're supposed to use napalm!!
Dazzy be like "Merry fucking Christmas. Never ask me for this kind of shit again!!!"
The things we'd be missing out on if it weren't for Nana Mana.
(in sing song) It's the most~ Nauseating time~~ of the year~~~
Just add insult to injury and let Derryl trash them with Pichu.
... I didn't even think of that
I'm already making his funeral arrangements.
@princessprt: I think one color for the bubble and one color for the text would work. Also, if he's doing orange, I have an idea that I don't want to take away from him, because fun stealing is no fun.