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@Hero of Comedy: Right. I think autonomous is the word
Filthy. Nuff said
Annoying sidekicks. Can't play with em, can't play without em.
Guess we know where the names came from
Beta Cafe is huffing paint thinners
I already know who Issun needs to be drawn as, as do others who have played at least some of Okami
Well, Gen is starting to scare me.
I didn't expect it to be THAT effective...
*pets the snep*
Makes me wonder how my brother is doing with his domination of Tetris99...
*pokes the kitty's cheek*
I might have to borrow a couple, since I'm finally getting deeper into GoT
I'm starting to pity him a little, and it makes me wish I could help him.
Can't... Claw out... Brain... Fast enough...
Even Nana Mana can't get away with some things.
It's easier to confront when they don't give you sauce with your 10-piece chicken nuggets. I once ordered 5 10-pieces in the drive thru and got no sauce. We went right back in there and got sauce.