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... I didn't even think of that
I'm already making his funeral arrangements.
@princessprt: I think one color for the bubble and one color for the text would work. Also, if he's doing orange, I have an idea that I don't want to take away from him, because fun stealing is no fun.
Any man would give their left nut to work in that kitchen. ... *Briefly considers*
Ironically, the second panel has me thinking of Rupaul's Drag Race.
I'm assuming the TL;DR here is that Warren paid 60 Euro for a minute amount of kindling.
Oh, my friend is NOT gonna be happy with his game selection...
I know a guy who had to crawl through literal shit, AND had his hours cut just because... He doesn't work at THAT place anymore.

Edit: when I say his hours were cut, I meant he worked 30 and got paid for 10, I believe.
Wait... What about the word "slut?"
*busts out the holy water*
My ultimatum? Either this or they wash all the dishes themselves.
/me is used to these kinds of pages on Halloween, now.
Mana as Retsuko. Akkreate. 👌
Continuity for the bleach damage?
Aaron's probably gonna be there asking some advice on what he can do to keep his tail in his pants for his Halloween costume idea this year.
Take a picture of the page you were on
Well, I'm gonna steer clear of her dreams
*lets Mana borrow my wolverine claws, because Kitty claws ain't enough*
Speaking of which, I think we haven't physically seeb her since May when she and Daz tricked Mana into thinking that they could talk to cats.
<.< ... o.o ...O.O ... @.@