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Get in the horrid reboot, Shinji
@Daz Keaty: Then Derryl will have to suffer the heat and confinement of moist clothing, as well.
Look on the bright side; the presence of more skin might attract more customers
How long until Derryl's avatar in Splatoon 2 is blood red?
Best figure out if the same can happen to Epona before you try to get her through the amiibo function
Next time, Derryl makes the stupid move of using metal in a thunderstorm
I would most definitely get Mike Tyson'd for that~!!! *Murrrrrr*
I was gonna ask our esteemed author "What did you do?" but it seems even he doesn't know.
@Daz Keaty: ... Such a strange feline... but he makes good comics
Question. How is Dazzy not frightened by Thunder?
(comment box:) Dammit, Daz, stop reading our minds

(actual comic:) Don't tell him Warren backwashed it
Any other man, and she'd bite his right ear off.
@slaybay: You would know. :PPP
As long as you're not reading any George R.R. Martin books; then you have it coming to ya.
I (and the rest of the internet) still think Terry Crews should've voiced Doomfist
Crash Team Racing was actually really good. Really put its foot in the door for the racing genre
Where's the bitchslap command in Overwatch when you need one?
Some pink cutenesses just can't catch a break
Just run with it, kid.
She must be trying so hard not to breathe fire (those fabrics can get expensive)