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*keeps an eye on Mana*

Also, good thing I know about constructive criticism, and it's benefits.
I really think Warren should just factory reset his phone, but if he's upgrading anyway, why not.
...I'll have what he's having?
Hopefully they remembered to hit the save point that was clearly right there.
Warren, buddy, all I'm saying is "a little spray bottle goes a long way"

Also, *penultimate
First panel, third bubble: "moviehave"
I'm STILL trying to find a GM for me and my best friend.
Again, Warren is my spirit animal.
Dat workplace initiative, tho
Here's my Warren impression: I swear, if that phone rings from work, I'm gonna make sure I bring in my bat, and Mana brings in whatever weaboo weaponry she can get her hands on!
Fourth panel, second bubble, fifth line, second word
...Lewd... that is all.
If there's one for foxes, in taking advantage. Also, Mana's roommate after how long? I forgot her name.
This is exactly what I knew would happen.
After 2 years? Dazzy, that's too optimistic.
Only Penny could manage to pull off making a second tail-tip for a nekomimi.
@Hero of Comedy: "Starting"? *points at the past two years* "Starting"?
How dare you make us feel TT.TT