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I'm getting far away before she gets far enough down the list
And yet she's still so skinny...
*death stare intensifies*
Napping in a dumpster. Interesting choice.
@Hero of Comedy: He'll be fine. He's just gonna get snuggled alot-- oh, I see what you mean...
He doesn't know how lucky he is.
Get the torches and pitchforks!!!
Been a while since we've seen Mana's flatmate.
Sucks to be Warren's dad.
I think this is the worst I've felt for Warren.
Next someone's gonna ask to give 'em a hand and he's gonna clap
I should've warned Ava about Warren...
What are you hiding, Daz???
@Hero of Comedy: Right. I think autonomous is the word
Filthy. Nuff said
Annoying sidekicks. Can't play with em, can't play without em.
Guess we know where the names came from
Beta Cafe is huffing paint thinners
I already know who Issun needs to be drawn as, as do others who have played at least some of Okami
Well, Gen is starting to scare me.