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a plain ol' canadian gal who loves idols, magical girls, and comics.
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it's a new year's eve miracle! one final page for 2018!
not judging anyone who sleeps past noon, but Kara is definitely an early morning person lol. I've had many eras in my life where I slept past noon 👀
I love the flow of this page!! A great transition page.
End of Chapter 1
I often question why things have to have to be so angsty and edgy, yet here I am, ending a chapter like this.

Anyway, 101 pages, tons of inconstant updates (and artstyles, yikes), and 4 and a half years later--here we are!!
Whether you're new or if you've been following the comic, thank you for reading.

I'm hoping to speed up the page-making process a bit next chapter and try to give the story better pacing. nn;
100 pages!!!
Just one more page on Friday, and chapter one will finally come a close. Phew~.
Thank you for reading.
Love this new chara lol, this comic is so great!!!
!!!!!!!!!!! her lil back rolls and her tummy.... very important page. thank you for your great character designs.
The little body language details on this page are so nice!
Loving this colour scheme!
hewwo, i'm alive and have arrived. with like 4 incomplete pages on the go. ahaha. whoops.
Trying something different with the panel border here! I was tired of boring ol' gray scale for the outside, no story significance. I was gonna wait until the start of chapter 2 for the sake of consistency, but...oh well.
anyway, here's a page i drew back in november and didn't scan until now. more pages soon.
back with a few pages done this time! just gotta scan them.
August 12th, 2017
Just read the comic from the start, great stuff!! Great colours, characters, page layouts! The whole package.

Looking forward to more!! ^^
FINALLY back after a long break!!
let's keep going!
So glad this comic was featured! You really deserve it! Beautiful artwork and great storytelling so far, looking forward to more!

Very inspiring! ^^
uh oh, looks like someone was bit by the exposition bug.
this page is a little heavy, huh.
February 18th, 2017
I don't know what suddenly made me remember this comic after years, but I haven't read it since around the time Grey decided his gender! (Abandoned SJ as a whole around that time, nothing against the comic haha)

This comic left a big impression on me when I was younger, so I'm very glad I easily found it again and that it's still updating! ^^

Continuing a comic for this many years, with this many pages, with so much variety and a constantly evolving character/plotline is an incredible feat!!! Congratulations on 700+ pages. Every page is so interesting.
@MrFester: thank you for your comments!! :D
@ninaqueenbee: thank you!! ;w; i really appreciate your comment