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@Sonofhades: I don't see anyone losing to Sierra. As Tailslover said, she's pissed off a grand majority of the jury, and her social game was nonexistent. Actually, no. Being charitable, her social game was "bend to Thorne's wishes."
@Tailslover13: In fairness, people noticed when Taro's win didn't have a good story backing him up.
Tsk, tsk, Sierra. You thought Vinnie's jury prognosis was bad? The entire tribe knows the entirety of your game now. What makes you think that anyone left is going to be the slightest bit impressed when you make it to the finals with, say, a Vinnie, or a Doris, or a Bowser Jr. in tow? You've already lost T's and Riley's votes in the final round. Doris won't ever vote for you to win, and nor will Bradley. Angelo won't be interested in voting for you to win, not if your defense statements keep being so weaksauce. Vinnie's only interested in you and Thorne as goat and meatshield, respectively, and if he's on the jury and you're not, I can think of 3 other people he'd vote for before he'd vote for you. That's 6/8 jury votes going elsewhere in a Final 3, 6/9 jury votes in a Final 2.
@Guest: T found a Vanish Cap (for those unversed in Super Mario 64, an invisibility cloak) and is using it to eavesdrop.
@EJ122: It would be a major reason why T's gathering rope.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Not to mention, of course, that she curbed her immediate impulse to nab him because not nabbing him benefits her game. Which is worlds away from jumping on Marie because of a few stray phrases.
I'm not even mad. Eli's entertaining and all (IMO), but his blindspots were clearly defined to the audience, and more importantly were glaringly obvious to anyone with the chops to go far in this game. And Vinnie, of all characters, is enough of a magnificent bastard that he qualifies.
Interesting. This cast looked like the recipe for an awful season when previews were rolling around, but now it's very hard to pick out who will be the major players post-merge, as all of them could have major roles to play.

I wonder how many episodes until merge, though.
@Guest: It's Bonnie. At some point during this season, she's going to be unlikable already. (Assuming of course that she wasn't already so)
@Tailslover13: I'm actually surprised by how many of your comments I agree with. Furthermore, I'm surprised by how reasonable the complaints I do disagree with are. (E.g. Your aversion to the presence of Eli, whom I find funny, but who people seem to forget ripped away Artemis' victory using powers that were close enough to cheating that SWSU admitted that he couldn't actually let Eli win)
@SWSU-Master: I had no idea that you were going to take SFC off of Earth. If I'd known, I'd have suggested Roshar (land of, among other things, giant crustaceans, glowing gemstones, and weekly hurricanes so massive that they cover the continent).
One perfect win for Taro, coming right up.

Also Ky's "question" was adorable.
@DrMarble: I care more about Shaega getting his comeuppance than anything Dustin says, does, or receives.
Everyone's talking about Dustin being the swing vote. Why don't Sylvia and Shaega team up and take out Dustin?
@Tailslover13: Not to mention, of course, that Lola and Spongebob were light-years more entertaining than Dustin and Shaega combined could ever hope to be.
@Vilecheese: Ky would disapprove, true. However, one lapse, made under the stress of being the sole member of a minority of a tribe which contains Shaega (the only person, might I add, whose actions have succeeded in pissing Ky off), would be forgivable. In addition, I am having difficulty thinking of any other alliance that was stronger, and/or lasted for longer, than the Ky/Taro duo. Knowing how Survivor works, even if Ky wanted to withhold the million from Taro, he certainly wouldn't vote for Sylvia or Shaega.

Besides, Taro's most of the way to getting a majority of victory votes even without Ky's approval. Gekkota probably wouldn't approve of poisoning the opponent, but a) she's not voting for Shaega (sicced Paranoia on her) and b) she's not voting for Dustin (quite stupid, with occasional flashes of brilliance that end poorly for himself and his team). Cordelia would probably vote for Taro on the strength of the Fukushuu ploy alone, and if not she can be persuaded. Zach's not voting for Shaega by any stretch of the imagination, and counted Taro as an ally. Marie's voting for the least negative winner, which comes down to Dustin or Taro. Brandi would be incensed at the Fukushuu ploy, but also knows that Taro has lied the least out of all of them except Sylvia, IIRC. Leah... no idea. Probably votes Taro on his strength of character and his loyalty to Ky. Ky might have some harsh words about the Fukushuu ploy, but you have to really work to make him get mad at you, and like I said, their alliance has been rock-solid from day 1 and neither has done anything to weaken or jeopardize it. Dustin knows Shaega's an asshole and a bully, and will probably vote against him. Shaega's not going to vote Taro, not ever. Sylvia... I don't know how she'd vote. Probably against Shaega, for much the same reason as Dustin. (Probably not voting for Taro, though, because of the Fukushuu ploy)

The only person I can see winning against Taro is Sylvia.
@SkySurfer: For those of you playing at home, fukushū could have several meanings, but the most relevant one is "revenge."
Oh, here we go. GIVE 'EM HELL, TARO!
Wait a minute. There'll be a tie again, because it's Dustin voting Ky, Shaega voting Taro, Sylvia flipflopping between those two, and Ky and Taro are voting Shaega. Which means it'll go to revote, with Shaega and either Ky or Taro unable to vote. Which means it's either another Ky vs. Shaega shouting match, in which case Dustin and Taro will vote Shaega and leave Sylvia holding the bag, or it'll be a Taro vs. Shaega showdown, in which case... I'm not sure what would go down exactly. Taro would be trying to make Shaega look irrational (which he is), toxic (which he is), and altogether a terrible ally (which he is). Conversely, Shaega will be trying to make Taro look like he's flying under the radar (which he is), puppeteering Ky (which he isn't, but it could look that way under Paranoia-vision), and altogether a terrifying opponent (which he is).
Taro continues to be awesome. Seriously, he and Ky have both earned the win.

EDIT: And the target of his ire continues to be a toxic little shit who has outstayed his welcome and burned his last safety net.