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Somehow it seems a bit hypocritical of the old guy to say art that shows talent, effort and practice is "not good" when he has a big, life-like statue of himself and his pets in the middle of the room? :I
@Guest: I dunno, I'd be pretty dang offended if I was told the soul of my pokemon (or in that world, best friends) were horrifically deformed like those drawings are.
Hey ho, it's my arts class teacher...
To be fair, wearing a beret might make him unrecognizable to the eye of the law in their world. I mean, switching hoodies was enough to fool most people last time!
That ratata looks like it's about to summon its jutsu. XD
@Chris: You obviously just skimmed over that post, since SoulRaider116 mentioned it was used as a meme too, and that is the problem. Using the term as a meme ridicules people who actually suffer. It's worst then victim blaming, it's victim bashing. Just because a word is misused, doesn't mean its proper meaning can't be explained and understood. "Someone used it incorrectly before me" isn't an excuse to keep doing the same mistake. Especially when the people asking for trigger warnings on ice cream flavors are clearly idiots.
That look in the last panel looks like he just saw through space and time.
Trainer Atticus sent out George.
George used unbridled bragging...
It's super effective!
Enemy dorks is dazzled.
Trainer Atticus ran away in the confusion.
"Fish, he...(is a fish that almost drowned when placed in water) ...Rat fights really hard.)
Hey! You can't comment on other people's a pokemon, we don't judge pokemon here! Now let all your pokemon out so we can soullessly judge them.

Alt text: He doesn't had?

Edit: It's fixed! <3
@Zant: Sounds like they ought to wash their pets once in a while. XD
Just came over from Mokepon and it took me a moment to realize that was his mask and that he did not, in fact, drop a pokeball.
Thad has a very unconventional logic.
Well, crap. :(
You did a great job with the digital inking! I don't really see a difference aside from the color being too pale, to be honest. That can easily be fixed though.

Are you using Photoshop? I could give you some pointers if you need. :)
HO NO! Not a letter from a guy who has hair!!
Well, it could technically translate to "I'm sorry I tried to have you go through the due process of the legal system like an honorable man instead of tracking you down like an animal to get my revenge." But I'm pretty sure he's actually saying what he means.
The scary man wants a word in private with the boy who stole his precious fur-baby... near the water?

Atty can swim, right? I'm pretty sure he can swim. He'll be fine.
Atty's position was "lucky if he avoids jail" and now he's getting a medal for failing to win a gym battle.

Mokepon world is indeed strange.