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Another filler with Aiden
Slowly getting the comic pages together! be a little patient y'all
Guess who's back?!
HUZZAH! After 3 long years, Apples and I are back in the game to lead this comic into awesome!
We're not planning to rehaul the comic but continue where we left off, yeah sure the art style has changed but that's always interesting and we felt that the pages still had a good flow.

Hope y'all look forward to seeing the new pages! \o3o/
fdlksdjfisdjfksjdfk YAY AN UPDATE!
oh yah! this technique can be applied in traditional too :D
thats actually what i started with when i began using this technique *u*b
@ hikari yuki
it isnt hard to go through lol eerm so no worries c:

well any drawing program will do but for a more fluid look i prefer paint tool SAI. it's got smoother lines and all.

i use quick lines when i draw at 0.5 pixels.
brush size is up to you but to add the weighted look i take up the brush pixels to about 1.5 or 2 pixels , depending on the thickness i want.

then i just go over the lines where there are corners or where lines end.
it adds shadow to places too to create some depth c:

errm i hope that made sense xD !
yah i know.. but i felt bad for neglecting it still QwQ ~
i didnt feel like making a comic tonight.
i'm sniffing, coughing and sneezing.......... at the same time.

my head wants to explode and my body is achiiiing.

what was i even thinking staying up to draw this thing? ==

eergh.. just to let you guys know i'm still alive.. still gonna work on this comic and i havnt disappeared.

unless i dont get sleep now OTL.
@ hikari yuki
hehe thanks. yeah im really loving the weighted line look.

it was hella hard drawing in that small space though == total page size upgrade with the next update!
@ linden

.. deviant however was pretty active 'u'b
i just wasnt in a manga drawing mood
@ kamahi
fufufufu we'll see how desperate aiden is =w=b
YUS WAY!.. it's an honest to god UPDATE. <3

i reformatted my computer and in the process i lost my screentones and even the original files of the comic pages =(
the good news is that WHO CARES RIGHT? we can go with this black and white business and without screentones c:
besides.. its much easier for me to make a page without them ==b

EEERM. i realised how incredibly TINYYY the pages are so the next update will also we an upgrade in size (y)
that'll also make it easier for me to draw huhu..

oh what else?....... ZOMG IM SORRY FOR BEING LATE!! / runs away forever.... then comes back to update anyway
okay no idea where this is going but WHOAH JUST WHOAH ~
i want moar *u* !!
our chibis will make sense in due time

/ suffers chibi-challengedness with you >>
naaaw i watched this page come into action

/ wipes tear

its liek my babies are growing up QQ
this page looks awesome :D
and she's all curious!! xD
heey, you're right, the toning is pretty nice on this page ^w^

love her hat :D
yay another update!
phew, im trying to update regularly @D@
but maybe for the next two weeks there might not be updates or something...

i'm working on drawing up some presents for people, as well as owing kiribans.
and i wanted to do a nice piece for EO since.. i havnt really rendered anything since the filler last year =(

anyway, enjoy!
oooh thanks anime_tomboi! *u*
im trying to update more regularly xD

blegh to stupid drawing mood swings =( haha
aaah, sometime i'll draw a better aiden *u*
he looks crap right nao xD