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I'm an artist in love with other countries and their histories; I mostly draw in a manga style, but I do some other styles as well. I'm a bit quiet though *username ahem*, so I hope you'll be my friend anyways! ^u^
Well someone's rather two-faced...
What?! That's it? That's the end? Buuuuut ;m; Does he get back into school? Does the girl still get punished? So many questions...
October 4th, 2014
This was really good! I'm kind of surprised that no one else has commented here! Maybe they were just too busy reading and being in awe of the story :P Thank you for sharing this with us!

The ending sent some chills down my spine.
"Are you callin me a liar?"

"Well I ain't calling you a truther!"
D: ;m; ;_________; OmO I can't... No, I just... NOOOOOOO. That. Did. NOT. Happen
I have this feeling... Someone please, PLEASE tell me my suspicions are completely, utterly, 100% wrong D:
"I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and shall be my Squishy." —Dory, Finding Nemo
So I'm just going to *assume* that she can speak English XP
This guy... I wanted to call him creepy, but now I think I love him XD
She drugged her...with candy. Cousins these days!
Well that didn't take long XD This is why I don't make deals. My luck is just as bad as hers XP Awesome comic, btw! I can relate just about everything...
I have no problem with him using an actual sword, but I totally would have chosen a knife... or a spoon XD
I knew it was re:alistair!
Can I have one last kiss? You know, before I'm brutally stabbed to death with a fork by my best friend and left to rot in a random alley? (By the way, might not be alive long enough to help you finish studying...)
Is that an Re: Alistair cameo I see? XD
Kingdom Hearts YASSSS
*shoujo heroine voice* "I-Ichiro-kun... Who are you?"
Why do I feel as though he's complimenting himself? XD
O_O Stare stare stare stare
September 8th, 2014
This is *searches for a word other than "cute"* adorable? Yeah. Adorable works.