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Hey, Love ...
Sorry for not seeing this last night ... ^^"
I'm sorry for a lot of things, honestly.
It's been tough recently, hasn't it?
Very tough ...

... Just don't be sorry for those things, especially being happy.
You being happy makes me happy ...
Seeing you happy after all the stuff that's happened in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, I'm so more than happy to see you happy ...

... I told my counselor that one of the things that I feared the most was losing you.
We did a test to reassure myself ...
The results looked great, but while I had the scientific proof that you'd be fine, it wasn't enough to completely shake off that fear ...
Seeing you happy was though ...
It's so great to see you in high spirits ...
Even if they could be higher, seeing you laugh and smile again ... It made me do the same ...
... Just don't ever be sorry for being happy, Love ...
It's nothing to be sorry for ...

And for the jokes ... Sarah, it's 100% okay ^^
People crack dirty jokes a lot on LINE! Everyone there is a teen, it's fine!
I doubt it bothers anyone!
They're used to it!

And regarding what went on here, let's not forgot that I was involved in that too, okay? Regardless, I once again doubt that anyone was actually bothered. I'm sure people actually enjoyed it just because of how random and odd it was XD

People don't hate you or think of you any less because of a few jokes ...
People enjoy your presence for who you are ... And if they don't, that's their fault! They're the ones missing out!

People love and adore you, Angel ...
People know how great you are ...
I know this ...
And if you don't think so ... Then ask!
They're all right here!
If you want the answers right from the source, this is your chance!
People DO love you.
They love you for who you are ... ^^

And you aren't annoying ...
If you were, why are you surrounded by people who like and love you?
You're funny, not annoying! X3
You always have been ...
... Honestly, I don't think there was much difference between "pre-spring" and "post-Spring" you ...
You certainly got much more mature post-Spring, but you were mature beforehand ...
You were definitely mature when I joined LINE ...

... You're a amazing woman, Love ...
Don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise!
We've been the best of friends for over a year, and close lovers for ... around 6 to 8 months, right?...
I know you very well, and I can safely say that you are wonderful, and I love you so very much ...

I can't wait to talk to you later today ... ^^
Take care, okay?
I love you, sweetheart! <3

"I'll follow you down to the eye of the storm
Don't worry I'll keep you warm
I'll follow you down
While we are passing through space
I don't care if we fall from grace
I'll follow you down"
Aww, Wiisp, you aren't dumb or petty ;-;
You're pretty freaking smart in my book, and I can't think of anything that'd mark you as petty?
Also, considering that one thing we talked about not too long ago, I definitely would say you can detect emotion pretty well? ^^"
You're certainly not crazy either

Also why do all the really nice people act like/say they're bad inside even though I feel like that'd be kinda impossible
I mean
If you're nice, kind, and treat others well, how can you be "truly" bad?
Actions over words and thoughts?

Kinda crazy to see this meme pop up again though :3
Last time I saw it was two years ago ...
Interesting concept! I think it'd be a neat tool to flesh out characters ...
@Midnight-fox18: NO :'3
only a blood one remember ;3

i'm really amazed right now like wow
You're the German and you like sausages so yeah
Go ahead, Princess :3

dang you
... is she the period eevee because 90% of her dialogue is ellispes or because of the egg shells

oh it's on you women
-kidnaps frosty, the gay snowman-
-throws zoey at milo-
Mid and I decided that we're not the person for one another.
We have completely different views, passions, and political beliefs regarding capitalism...
And most important, we share different opinions of the sweet potato, a tradional Thanksgiving treat.
She thinls they are the crime of the century, an abomination, and should burn in the deepest depths of Heck itself, never to be seen or mentioned by any man or woman for another 3,000,000 years.

I think they're tasty.

... I need some time alome with my tears and sweet potatos, so you might not see me for quite a bit ...
November 12th, 2017
Just kinda small note, but thank you all for your support ... ^^
It actually means a lot to us, especially considering there was a lot of fear and paranoia that's pretty much building up in the past ...
So seriously, on behalf of both Sarah and I, thank you all!
We freaking love you guys so much, and it's good to see that feeling is mutual!

I can't believe no one brought that up until now XD
Also, that without context is quite wonderful :3
November 7th, 2017
Remember the Ren's Face Revolution
That was a thing
November 7th, 2017

Hello, Beautiful!
... I'm not exactly sure how to start this, but I am sure that you've done more than a lot for me, and I'll never be able to say "Thank you!" enough ... ^^

... Amazingly, it was little over a year ago when we truly met ...

... Remember how I was back then?....
I was scared, paranoid, full of self-hatred, and thought I was more useless and ugly than trash?...
... I'm not that way now because of you ^^
You changed everything for me.

... Remember my first day on LINE, the day I mustered every bit and drop of confidence in me to ask Raquel if I could join?
That was little over a year ago ...
... And I remember that night, you sent your first message to me ... A question, full of fear and anxiety ...
That was when the whole (first) Sky-Ven war happened on this site, and the first thing you ever said to me was asking for my advice on it ...

... I didn't give the best help, but that was the first step, the first step in a journey with you that changed my life for the best ...
... Funny, that a silly conflict on a site mostly filled with not-so-serious love eventually led to a relationship with very-very-serious love XD
It's certainly been quite the adventure though ...
With all the funny and not-serious-at-all momemts, it's great to remember that our bond grew mainly because we were than for each other, ever since the start ... ^^
We watched each others backs, we cheered one another up, and we went back and forth between supporting and bring supported ...
From you helping with my first "crush", to me supporting you when SAD hit you hard in the winter, to you boosting my spirits and motivation with DTS, to me assisting with making SS more than just an idea, to you ... helping with the second crush ... ^^"
And as well as the moments between all that! X3

... Then came our darkest hour ...
One of the toughest and most brutal moments in our lives to this point ...
Our little war ...
This war that's nearly taken over our lives ...
That's drained all our happiness and confidence ...
The war that's ripping our friend's minds and our own to pieces ...

... But as usual, despite what life wanted to throw at us, we never let go of each other.
We never gave up on each other. We never left each other behind.
We kept going, together.
We saved each other time and time again.
We were each others crutches when we needed 'em.
We were the each others rainbows after the storm, the meadows after fields of mud and blood, we were our lights in the darkness, shining us to both survival and victory.
And despite our fears, I know we won't even stop.
We will always be there for each other.
We started as mere friends, to best friends, to inbiological-siblings, to that really weird mother-son relationship we had, to the even weirder friendmance ... And now, to lovers ...
... It's been a crazy journey so far, for certain, but I bet it'll get even crazier, and I can't wait to experience it all with you at my side ... ^^

You, the intelligent, beautiful, creative, caring, kind, selfless, and all around wonderful gal ... have made life more exciting, more fun, and happier ...
You bring me so much joy ... Your presense itself makes me happy, knowing that I'm loved by someone ...
Again, you rose my motivation and confidence from a zero to the top nearly single-handly ... And that's just the first on the list of what you've done for me!
You've inspired me when I needed it the most, remind me of what I've done for you and everyone, make me laugh and smile with your humor and just by screwing with me (in both ways ;))!
And our personalities just blend so well ... Our conversations can go from mature to extremely strange in seconds, and our interactions, from our gushing over Mussolini, referencing Sabaton songs, praying to our God, Dusty Maku, making more bad comics that will most likely neber be updared, our RPs (rip the beach ball pidgey), to just our cuddling ... It's all so great ^^
You make me so happy, and I truly love you ...
You make me the happiest guy in the world, and certainly one of the luckiest! X3
... Even when one if us is sad, those sad moments will never overshadow the happiness we bring to one another ... ^^

Except when you call me a girl and start talking like Marc
I will never forget that horror ;-;

... You truly are an amazing person, Sarah, and I'll always be here to remind youof that ^^
You've done so many selfless and kind things to so many people both on LINE and here, and I certainly wouldn't mind listing them off!

... And many people love you too ... Don't ever forgot that ...
Just think about much happiness (and ignore the drama X'D) this site has brought to people all over ... ^^

... I'll stop myself here :'D
... I love you, Sweetheart ...
I love you very much ... <3

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Spark The Wolf? ... I thought not. It’s not a story the Shippers would tell you. It’s a Lockers legend. Darth Spark was a Dank Lord of the Lockers Forum, so powerful and so wise she could use memes to influence the Internet to create life… She had such a knowledge of the Lockers Forum, she could even keep the ones she cared about from being undankified. The Locker Forums is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing she was afraid of was losing her privileges, which eventually, of course, she did. Unfortunately, she taught her Kohai everything he knew, then her Kohai down-voted her memes in her sleep. Ironic. She could save others from undankification, but not herself.
lel its sporkthewolf
September 30th, 2017
I like Shadow's butt

eye wonder what inspired you to draw this

sorry someone had to do it
Looks beautiful!
Great work Wiisp!
Give me examples then.
Yet, Wiisp has done nothing to bother or offend you, and I doubt she ever has.
In the unlikely case she has, that should be handled elsewhere, and you shouldn't resort to what you have regardless.