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Just another dork on the Internet!
I do stuff :D

The utterly amazingly avatar was made by Midnight-fox-18!
Be a stalker and click this to see her comics and all the other crazy stuff she does!
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Arceus is a Sims player clearly: spends a millennia playing one save file, starts another one, says "Okay I'll come back to this one later", and never does
Then the save file gets deleted in a freak accident
@ShadowStalker1128: Volt likes popcorn because he's yellow and the popcorn's also yellow
Volt's only crying because he's afraid the popcorn vender will run out of popcorn how could he enjoy a public execution without popcorn
September 2nd, 2019
"... Then suddenly, in a rush of anger, Rune partially regains her ability to speak, and at the top of her lungs, weakly shouts "No u," causing Chatot to spontaneously combust."
This is utterly amazing and it's sad that no one else has said it yet
March 20th, 2019
u better frickin #FreeMiddy >:(
January 29th, 2019
This is actually an awesome idea and I really like the comments and notes you added! It just makes it a lot more interesting and nostalgic, in a way, in comparison to the one-a-month sort of thing!

and wow the cross-spoons

... hope you feel better though ...
This is absolutely adorable
Seriously this is so amazingly adorable, great job! ^^

So much <3
You already have!

Yes, of course ...
No matter what you don't know, there's still concern ...
Sometimes, it feels fine, sometimes, it feels like the worst has happened, but if someone really knew or cared about a person, the thought of them never simply disappears

If anything happened to you, I think we'd realize sooner than you'd think ...
We will and never will forget about you, Sarah
You haven't failed ANY of us
I'm sure every person you listed could agree to that
I know there's that underlaying throught where you're convinced that you've done something wrong and they know it but they don't want to say anything
But that doesn't apply here!
Most of us owe you a lot, honestly
You're a great source of joy and laughs for so many people, and a wonderful source of love and comfort to quite a few of us ...

I know there's been so much going on recently, but believe me
You aren't the cause of any of it
Most of it's just the results of the circumstances here ..

You aren't a bad omen, so much less, the reason that anything has gone wrong or why people are sad
You're the counter to most of it, in fact <3

And honestly, you were the one who was never afraid to help people, from both the biggest and smallest ways ...
You most likely have the most credit for "saving" people out of the majority of us ... ^^"

But believe me, the world wouldn't be as fun or bright without you ...
Even with everything going on, you know how much of an impact you have on me?
I know I've said so much about how being with you has helped me so much, and it all still stands ...
The fact alone that we're together makes me happy!
And it's also a fact that you being gone would make the world a worse place ...
We all love you dearly, Sarah
You're far from an evil angel, Sarah ...
If you were an evil angel, you wouldn't be here ...
You wouldn't have gone through everything, even everything that's made you feel this way, if you were evil ...
September 14th, 2018
@Midnight-fox18: But you've done so much, Sarah! So many amazing things!
You shouldn't have to look at anything you do and feel like you aren't good enough ...
You're one of the greatest people I know!
And you've done so much ...
Many people our age couldn't even compare to you!
You truly are special, and what you've done proves that further!
This is freaking adorable
Truly adorable!
If I wasn't so scared of making hair I'd make a sprite of this :'3
June 24th, 2018
@WildfireK: wait
so is she 40 in human or cat years

if ingress is actually 200 years old
she's looking good for her age :3

And I've said it already, but this page is beautiful, well done X3

I also just noticed the welcome mat
truly wonderful
I recently tried some small scale modding of a game I play (Hearts of Iron IV), and despite the modding only needing some typing and file navigating, it was still pretty difficult and confusing to manage

For me, at least


If you get the hang of this, I salute you XD
@Swanfire888 : Wait, really?! First off, thank you! I'm happy you've enjoyed the comic so much! And secondly, that's awesome! If you ever need any help or advice, I would love to do that for you! If you get around to it, send me a link! I'd love to see it!
Speaking as the author, this comic being connected to Migration would both be an absolute honor and absolutely hilarious XD
I have returned, my friends
Where I was and what I was doing, I have no idea :D

how dare you insult my most precious cat-astrophe

And good!
They are here for you to glomp forever

Well, bascially
They were kinda the guardian of the "dream world"
Basically watched over while Cresselia wasn't there
That ... was kinda it, as boring as that is XD
I'm sorry that I hyped you up for nothing X'D

He was going to live no matter what!
Some ideas included
- Basically using him as a tank
- Tea Party with Quartz I think
that's it
I wasn't a good planner okay

And sure, we could talk about it
With what little ideas and plot points I actually remember XD
I think I could make some sort of basic outline though
It won't be good though X'D

Thank you so much, dork XD
I know I thanked you when you posted this originally, but really, even to this day, thank you for all the support that you've given me! You have done so much for me, and in no way can I ever repay you for what you've done JUST for this comic ...
You're absolutely amazing, Sweetheart!
I love you so much!

I feel the worst for delaying on your comment specifically
But no, BtV will be hosted on SJ, and most likely just SJ!
I'm very sorry for the possible scare ^^'
I love this site and moreso, this community, especially all you, so I have no plans to change the host of BtV!

Yeah, I didn't upload an image with this page, so that was purposely, but thank you!

Aww, thank you so much! That means a lot, truly, so thank you!
I'm happy to hear that you loved DTS, and that this silly story inspired you and made you laugh! That's really the best thing I could ever as to hear, so again, thank you! I hope that DTS continues to do what it did for you, and maybe even its successor will do the same! Once more, thank you, LDLEevee! ^^

I missed you! XD
And no worries, I'm happy to see you here, especially with how long you've been around!
Thank you so much for your support then and now, and it's seriously an honor to hear that from you, and I hope to see you around in the near future, Blizzard! Again, thank you so much for everything!
I think this is pretty ...
Good job on it!
The way it wraps up does make me happy, in a odd way ...
You did great on this!

It might be all I can do, right now maybe, but I wish you the absolute best!