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November 3rd, 2019
Okay, next time I upload new pages it'll be on the 16th (November).
Several weeks after we last left off, Melody, Rex's new mermaid friend, tells the story of how she came across one of the mysterious stones. But little do they know, the original owner won't give it up so easily.
October 31st, 2019
Author's Notes:
One thing you may notice is that I gave each character their own colored text for their dialogue. I find this easier to know who is talking when characters are off-panel like in panel 4. Kinda like giving them their own voice in a way! My deepest apologies to those who are colorblind, though.
Author's Notes:
Okay, This is gonna be the last pic uploaded to this chapter. I wanted to try that thing comics do where they put random pics and sketches at the end. Anyways, that's it for this chapter! Next up, CHAPTER 3!! (After the hiatus, of course.)

You can follow my work here!:


Author's Notes:
As said in this chapter, Rex uses an enchanted necklace similar to Melody that makes him appear human.
Author's Notes:
First sketch of RTD villain, Mimik the Skinwalker.
Author's Notes:
I didn't want to make Melody a traditional mermaid so I came up with a more fish-like appearance with bioluminescent markings similar to deep-sea fishes as well as the ability to generate bio-electric bolts underwater.
Author's Notes:
I started this series back in summer of 2016 for the 10th Anniversary of Rex the Dragon, but due to being occupied with other stuff as well as not having the best schedule, it took MUCH longer than I originally intended. And because of that, I'm going to take another short hiatus to plan ahead and get the story mapped out. Until then, the next installment will probably be a filler story or a remake of the first half to give better context to this one.

Like I mentioned before, today is my Birthday! (3/7/2019) YAY!!

Today's my BIRTHDAY and as a gift to myself, I finally finished the comic I spent over 2 years working on! (Hopefully, future stories won't take nearly as long. lol)
Not sure why this one took so long to finish, but hopefully I'll wrap up this chapter by the next update!
I noticed a continuity error when showing this to a friend. When Melody dives in to go after the bad guy, Mike isn't wearing his hat. But when she returns, he is... Did he just run back into the bunker room to get it and run back? Yeah, Imma go with that. lol
Okay, one more.
I meant to upload this page last Saturday, but I lost track of time. Plus, I feel this is a better cliff-hanger.
@LilBruno: Well, I found that out later on. Sorry.
14? Did they change the required age for Pokemon training?
I'm gonna try to upload one more page (23) sometime today.
Fun Fact:
This is when I started using Fire Alpaca and I haven't gotten used to the coloring for these next few pages.
Rex and his two human friends, Nick and Mike, are at the beach as the eldest brother, Nick reminds Rex of the task that was given to him by a strange note that read, “Gather the stones. You’ll know when you find them. -Soa.“

(Yeah, I’m kinda doing that thing where the story starts off already in motion and saving the origin for later after all the characters are established.)

Anyways, he also asks Rex if he even knows anything about these stones when Rex pulls one out, suggesting that the others look similar to the stone they have already. After Nick freaks out over Rex bringing one to the beach where other people could see it, Rex reminds him that they’re alone, pointing at the parking lot they're in which is empty. "Which means…” Rex says just before taking off his necklace, changing him from his human disguise to his true dragon form. “I can go without my makeup!” he adds, jumping out the minivan happily. After some time has passed, Rex is putting together a sand castle when Mike, the younger brother, talks Rex into coming with him to the farther side where there’s this big cliff he saw some teenagers jump off last time he was there. They made their way there until they are halted by Zack, Nick and Mike’s father, telling them to not go there. After some arguing back and forth, Zack forbids Mike from going over there which causes Mike to stomp off in anger. Sometime later, Zack is getting lunch ready as he sees that he forgot the hotdog buns. He and Rachel (the mom) goes off to get some which Mike sees this as an opportunity to head to the cliff. And basically from there, Mike leaps off the cliff, Rex sits and ponders over the stones he has to look for, and Mike gets washed away by a giant wave along with Rex who went in after him. Mike then wakes up on the couch as a young woman named Melody walks in to check up on him. Back at the beach, Zack and Rachel comes back saying they need to leave cause the radio said a big storm was coming their way. But they only see Nick, who was supposed to watch Rex and Mike. They go over to the cliff where they try to look for them, as Zack questioned why Mike never listens to him. Part one ends with Zack saying to Rachel, “He gets that from you, y’know.”

There, all caught up. Though you might have to read the first half on deviantART to get the full details.
@Bliss: Thanks! And JUST finished my new Christmas comic that'll be uploaded on Christmas Eve!
Fun Fact
FYI, by "Sexy Elves" he meant like this:
Fun Fact
Originally this was meant to be before the previous scene, but I feel this is a better transition.