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Misaki08 is my pen name from write cellnovels and another things. I make fan art,summaries about app on android(games otome and others,most likely games about anime and so).I like anime manga and comics.
I like anime, manga, webtoons, manwha, chinese novels,otome games, the violin, the erhu and money e.e.. ok no.

Devianart: created so doesn't have much)
Be my friens I wil be glad to have you e.e XD
I like BL(yaoi) e.e but it's a secret...just that now you know XD
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August 5th, 2014
hahahah he's just too cute ahhahah
Way to go Valdar!, give a lesson to those lowlifes and rise your "affection points" with Geron(Even though I know you have plenty ehehheh).Somehow that upset and surprised Geron loooks TSUNDERE!!! Even if you are a little angry, Geron I know deeply inside you are happy to meet him once more e.e
Epic meeting there!! XD Now do your part and save him.Although I think that if you do, the price will be high for "princess". e.e
Fun...? Maybe you should go fold some origami! Someone save him... He's soo cute that I've come to totally love him!! I can't stand seeing people picking on him!!!
I love thiss!!!! That hand..... LOL
May 15th, 2014
I already likeeeee it e.e
That eye is such an eye candy e.e He's so hoot in that panel I wonder if he knows the whole thing?
.......Julien makes think of two things: Obsession and BLLL!!! o.o
Coz If Lawrence just brushed off his possesives talks it would be ok. but with him blushing and such for that mmm. I get a feeling I donĀ“t like. :(
Sooo cute!!! Totally love their hair!!
H e looked so cute!!! Tha's a perfect timing for a kiss
I wonder what's that hand intention? e.e
Dammit He shouldnt have told Andrew, Actually I love Derek already...It was love at first sigh e.e
Oh God! that's so much like them...mothers...always their children first.Tha'ts true mother love there.
e.e If it was me I would also want to touch his skin while he's sleeping XD
Jajja It seems more like you have just one optin to choose lol xD
Totally loving Derek here.I reallly like his hair XD Their acting is just too god jajajja Andrew fell for it !!!!
wow this is really good!! I liked it a lot, the story really cool XD
he looked soo innocent!! XD I like it.