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er...i am mushroom chan...
i love rainy dayz and flowers. :3
my favorite season is fall and early winter.
i enjoy anime and video games (stereotypical)
my favorite bands are : the cure,bauhaus,bright eyes,deathcab for cutie,the pink spiders and ac/dc (wierd ass list aint it ? x3)
anyway...working on a webcomic at the moment..
in collaboration with my freind alexxx :3

expect it by the october/early november.

:'D .
~Mushroom chan :3
October 13th, 2007
kawaii !
i really like your art, though its a bit messy x3 but that has its own charm.
October 1st, 2007
ooh sleepy head :D
i like how this page turned out ~_~
alex makes the wierdest friends D:
Poor ike D:

and i like how this chapter ended...its so sweet >__<
O_O he does need moore friends
ooh first comment..
update soon.
i like this page...
what are the bandages for ? :O
freind request sent :'D
his fishie !
ooh evil duck loking like fish..
whatll happen next x3
eek !
update and a new layout >____________________<
you made this mushroom veryy berry happy ! :D
squee...tis nice *faves.
yume...nice name.
er...its cliche but..
the art makes up for it :'3
that mustve been disgusting..
buuuuuuuuuut this comic just made my day.
thank you. *-*
kawaii >W<
i really love this comic.

update soon ! n_n
teehee update soon !

skye looks very..freaky in that last panel xD