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While it's great to have inspiration and all, maybe you shouldn't compare yourself until after you put the uniform on.
@King Renegado: When serving in the guard, one must learn NOT to ask that question. The answer may be more dangerous than it's worth.

Of course it's probably beige flavored too.
Commissar Holt you may pick up God-Emperor Acting Award at anytime. (We should call it a Goddy)

Of course your Junior Commissar's Painting may or may not be Heretical if painted poorly. You may need to take a closer look...
Darn Xenos Economy messing up my currency. How am I supposed to convert these "dohl ahs" to Thrones?
QUICK! Use your status as a Commissar to steal the letter! You can use it to find out about Keegan's Secret Love Life!

...or if he's being bribed....that would work too.
Use your helmet spike! It's your best weapon!

RIP Yellow Toad....

Just watch after they save the day he'll still be stuck behind that door.
No Luigi, it's clearly the Fighter Fly cuz he has wings and none of the others do.
@Danny8bit: ...well hopefully it's not a follow-me-into-a-dark-warp-zone-and-kidnap-me kinda love.
....I love this comic.