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Definitely an all around good season, Good winner, good story, good characters, good everything. Not sure if it would crack my top 5 fave seasons though but its definitely up there.
Excited for next season no matter how long it takes, and maybe I'll be able to see one of my apps in it if I'm lucky :D
Well there goes Stagg, I had mixed feelings about Stagg. I liked him but im glad he's not our winner. Now it's almost guaranteed Liz is our winner which I'm fine with. Although to be completely honest I'd rather see Desmond win although he has little to no chance.
Also I'm happy we got some kind of answer about Jake but it felt like SWSU added it in as a last minute thing to shut up all the theories flying around about him more than anything which I find hilarious XD
So once again Desmond is going to survive when I predicted he would be leaving, that's twice in a row now. I still feel like the twin switch is going to play some kind of part in the future that will end up being the downfall of Desmond. Either way it's time to say Bye Bye to the Sergeant at Tribal tomorrow.
@Vilecheese: Are you sure? I could've sworn he was Jojo.
At this point I doubt we'll ever get answers about Jake besides for some reason his votes count, for some reason no one knew he existed, and for some reason he left on day 12. I'd much rather have had anything happened with him rather than him just be a mystery but I don't think he himself makes this season any worst. All he could have done is made this season better by having some twist involve him.
Has anyone else noticed that some of the pairs in this season are kind of similar to the ones in big brother?

They both have twins that no one else was aware off: Liz+Julia and Liz+Jojo. Also both of the pairs include one twin named Liz and the other having a name starting with "J"

They both have a couple that knew each other before the game: Jackie+Jeff and Diego+Prussia.

And even though it's a bit of stretch, they both have a pair that was unaware of their relationship: Stagg+Hunter(Rivals) and Da'Vonne+Vanessa(Poker Dealer/Player). I highly doubt Day and Vanessa will ever find out their relationship to each other and it's not that significant but they still do share a connection.

And this isn't a pair but both Yukie and Steve are also both very similar; Both are a little nerdy, they're both compared to past players (Eli/Critic and Ian), and they both don't like that they're similar to past players.
With this cast it seems like it's going to be a pretty good season, hopefully it'll break the even season curse ^_^

Stagg: I'm not sure if I like him but he'll be around for a while seeing as how he has 3 other anthros on his tribe and the obvious rivalry that will be between him and John

Spinfur: I like him, not sure how long he will last but I think he has a chance seeing as how he seems to be more competent than G'rilara

Thorne: Don't really see her being a villain, more like she just doesn't give a shit and will only mess with people that mess with her.

Tyra: Eh, that's all I really have to say. She seems nice but doesn't seem to have a unique or distinct personality like Buddy or Mac.

Yukie: I'm guessing he'll be the failure version of Eli. Will try to accomplish his twists and ideas but won't have the same game smarts Eli had.
Liz: I honestly have no idea how to feel about her. Seems interesting, but I just need to see more of her.

Mac: I think I found another favorite <3 Already love him and with the other people on his tribe I feel like they'll keep him around for a while ^_^

Mikah: I like her design, but personality wise, I'm not really a big fan. Seems like she'll just whine and bitch at everyone :P

Prussia: Getting vibes that she'll be a villain but she'll leave early on, I think we've already seen plenty of people like her get far in the game.
This 3rd tribe sounds pretty interesting, if I had to guess I would say it'll probably be made SFC 3 style.

Ivan: I'm guessing he will be our villain of the season. Seems pretty interesting but I don't know if I'll like him.

Jake: Don't know if this is a joke or reference to something. Besides that he's from Total Drama so I'm hoping for the best from him.

John Hunter: Not a big fan of him, hope he stays around just long enough to have a rivarly with the deer and then leave.

Jojo: Meh, she doesn't stick out to much for me, just the peppy and optimistic girl of the tribe.
Looks like the cast is of to a good start so far, can't wait to see the rest :D

Adeline: Meh, she could be interesting but I don't think she'll be all that interesting or play a big part in the game.

Amelia: At first glance it looks like she'll just be complaining about everything the entire game, but who knows, she could end up being a likeable sweetheart.

Buddy: Already love him <3 He won't win but I'll be rooting for him for however long he stays.

Desmond: Don't ask me why but I actually like him :3 I think his smug and overconfident attitude will actually be somewhat entertaining.

Diego: He's my favorite so far :D Can already tell he'll be hilarious, but like Buddy he won't win either. Just hope he doesn't leave to early
I agree with the previous posts. It's becoming increasingly obvious Alleio was definitely the person that sabotaged the food.
I don't know why but I just have a feeling that none of the tribes will dissolve this season and we might just see a tribal swap later on.
Yep I'm hating Frost as much as I thought I would, hope she goes soon. But Stanson is much more enjoyable than I thought he would be. Can't wait to see more of the other tribes.
Since some people are guessing the boot order I figured I might as well and do it too :P

Pre-merge: Orwell (18th), G'rilara (17th), Alleio (16th), Stanson (15th), Izybel (14th), Luna (13th), D.O.T (12th), Ludovica (11th)

Jury/Merge: Survivor Critic (10th), Arnold (9th), Frost (8th), Jim (7th), Roth (6th), Annabelle (5th), Tapioca (4th)

Finalists: Damon (3rd), Hash (2nd), Rudy (1st)

I probably completely failed with these but oh well ;P
Can't wait until June 26th :D I have a feeling this'll be a great season <3

Roth: After I saw him in the preview I read REHostage and really liked him so I hope he does well in this ^_^ I'm guessing he'll be one of the last members of the jury.

Rudy: I thought I would hate her but she seems like she won't just be a typical flirt but also have some sweetheart moments. Don't know where she'll end up though, possibly finalist?

Stanson: Eh he seems like he'll be boring, but I could be wrong. I'm guessing he'll go mid premerge.

Survivor Critic: Still don't know what to think of him. He'll either get on my nerves or I'll love him. Either way he'll definitely be getting on the other survivors nerves but I think he'll be taken to the merge and then become an early jury member.

Tapioca: Tapioca XD I'll definitely enjoy her but I don't know why, she just seems like one of those OTT characters that don't get old. I think we'll see plenty of her she'll probably end up making the late merge.
Just one more cast release! Can't wait for this to finally start with all these great looking characters this season I definitely have high expectations ^_^

Jim: Looks like a nice kid but I think he'll be naive and used/manipulated and the eventually blindsided somewhere mid-merge.

Ludovica: She doesn't sound as a great as I thought she was. I think she'll be entertaining for a couple episodes but then eventually get old. I'm guessing she'll be a big pre-merge character and then taken out right before the merge.

Luna: I like her she seems like she'll be a great character. Definitely expecting her to be a end gamer this season.

Orwell: Same as Jim except he'll be manipulated by a girl like Izybel or that other chick from the preview. I also think he'll be blindsided at the merge, that or he'll be taken out very early because of his damned red shirt.
Purple, Green, and White. Loving these tribe colors this season <3

Damon: I can tell I'll like this guy whether he ends up as a loud moth or a giant buff teddy bear. I'm guessing he'll at least make early merge.

Frost: I don't know why but I just keep on thinking of Artemis when I look at her :P I think she'll be a stratbot and will probably end up going late merge

G'rilara: I like her but I don't see her lasting long :( She'll have a short story arc and be gone very early </3

Hash: Love this guy but I have no idea how he'll pan out. Could be the first out or the winner of the season.

Izybel:Eh, not a big fan. Just seems like there has been so many of her types before but like Eli I'll stay optimistic since it sounds like she'll at least be making merge.
Yay the first cast release is here :D

Alleio: I like him and he seems like he'll be an interesting character but I have a bad feeling he'll end up going early on in the game :(

Annabelle: She seems like she'll be interesting but she looks like the kind of character that I generally hate but I hope she won't be since I'm guessing she'll be making it far.

Arnold: I think I'll end up loving this guy just because he seems like he'll be lulzy character. He'll either leave early on or make it to near the end.

D.O.T: I honestly have no idea what to think of him/her/it. Whatever it is I hope they end up being interesting.
I'm finally going to be able to follow my first active season instead of just reading previous ones :D Can't wait for this to start!