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:P not much to say... I love making art and I often just draw line art but i love to color pictures. I cant make comics because I have a hard time with developing a proper story and I cant get the art right to do poses and actions or even look like they are talking. I love designing characters though
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    A. Shea P.
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Run Bun bun run... lol bey bey bun bun
Well thats a way to start a comic lol Beautiful art work. I was a little confused a bit to as one second they are in a home/shop area and then the next she's dying in the forest XD
NAM I wish it had been updated today
XD so cute together
Lol I read this all yesterday but never posted a comment bad me bad... any who they are awesome together. you should have them deal with the envious school girls from before though... any way Love it ♥
I really really like this comic Its cute and funny. It pulls at the heartstrings ya know.