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Solo: Mecha Lord Form
All none megaman related sprites are from 'The Spriters Resource' or other sites. so a thanks to A.J.Nitro,Drshnaps,Bacon,Techokami,Nemu,Oshio,Roxas,KHE,DanielSidney,Incognito,Ryu,Smithygcn,Hustin,Rogultgot, and Infinity's End. All megaman related sprites are from Sprites Inc. (and so, credit has been given)
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OH NO! It's the 89th, not the 90th!
She has a spiked shell fetish!
well, the prof. can bake a mean cake!
in the fourth panel it looks like he's farting into the ground
well, I do know that trojens allow the sender the use the infected computer when the owner is offline (or something), so somebody could infect the computer of a company ceo to learn company secrets or embezzle money or something.
which were cut out with rusty razors
thank you all for the kind words and verbal abuse(Sytheholder)!!!
..........and Stacy STILL doesn't understand "love"
Stacy is thinking: LOVE DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0___.
MGF, yes those are my most recent sheets. (excluding heartless beast)
" was a little more than a kiss XD"
I play Guitar on medium, starting to do hard.(maybe)
"....because my hair was originally blue, but they forced me to dye!"
I just saw it, it is more then epic, IT, IS, SSSSPPPPPAAAARRRRTTTTTTAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!