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I felt the Same!
@VixenAnna: I finally had the money too and it was closed!! Sob**
gloat brag!
I just luv it when he gloats and brags he always get knocked back to reality after lolz poor pride!
@yaoi4evandnevayuri: u figured afro man out! AWESOME! I would luv for that to happen!!! so cool!!
ur .1019
@guest: ur the same person as .1019 obviously but I would want "support" too if I was being they way ur were the times give u away dear.
passive aggressive much
@.1019: ur acting all "im just telling my opinon but that's classic passive aggressive everything ur saying is passive aggressive evn the "and I don't tell u to shut the fuck up" if u cared so much for everyone to have an opinon u would have just left it as is if u have a problem then don't read advice is one thing but evn that comment" I am not gonna read your second comic" if u cared so much for "helping angel" and wanting her to improve then why say that and if u don't care enough about that then why "give advice in the first place."
and if u don't care enough to have an account (which I don't believe if I was being rude and in a very pa way I wouldn't want any one to find me either)then why do u even read web comics anyways? u read a very long web comic (when u don't even care, right?)and read such a comic must have taken time and effort (to find and wait for updates and going back to web page to find where u left off and caring enough to keep going back and checking the return comments) shows that u do care.
im sorry but u kinda sound like many ppl who r jealous of angel's success and are trying to find a way to bring her down or point out "what wrong or what u would do to make it better" ive seen comments ike than on many sites before where that's the real issue and if it is maybe u should go about making urself feel better in different ways instead of going on successful sites and saying or doing stuff like this. as I said advice and opinons are one thing going on and just being rude for the sake of hurting (and that is what ur were doing in a very passive aggressive way)really is not right and not even giving a name (thou I can understand) is quite cowardly. just sayin'.
when i am ready to get a new pet
when I get a new pet I am so gonna name it chibitan...unless I get two pets then totally kaito shunoki...UNLESS I get three pets! then I can have the whole family!!!!
totally understand
if I was a cute lil' uke like kaito and had a hawt seme like shuno or if I was a hawt seme like shuno and had a cute lil' uke like kaito I would be boning all the freakig time too...everyday and twice on sundays! lolz ;)
under the covers again?
shuno likes playing under the covers huh? they should make a yea fort he "pitches a tent" all the time lolz
get off!
as like with the other comment in the "aren't u coming?/ Keep shaking that ass and I will!" comment when ever kaito shouts get off shuno should say back "im trying to 'get off' just a few more strokes!"
only one?
is it just me or is kaito belly button just the cutest!
@Juliannus Raymone Czesar: nah kaito needs to lay back on it (for the back to chair contact) then lean the chair back and shuno can lay on top between his legs THEEEEEN bom chika bom bom Smexy time!
aren't u coming?
when eva kaito says that " aren't u coming?" im always expecting shuno to say "keep shaking ur ass like that and I will b!"
holy skittles
@PileOfJunk: now when ever I see a surprised shuno face im gonna think "holy skittles!" lolz!
Area 51
@Shubbabang: they have ride like that in Hawaii called Area 51 I love how they have dif names for the same rides arouynd the world some r so freakin stupid like the priate ship? its called Pharohs fury, the swings called the yo-yo
hesitant uke?
@Joie la douleur:

its the hesitant uke syndrome
"no no no YES!"
Milo has to b evil!
I am so thinking he will come back as a bad guy in some form or other I too think he is gonna try to steal kuro from naoto. something about him just set me on edge he can't be that "cutsie" irl! he's bad I just know it!!!

p.s. I want a threesome to happen too lolz! that would b awesome!
"I saw everything"
Omg that face! Couldn't stop laughing! Every time I read it it's instant lmao! Luv this! Keep up the good work!
This is the best!! I luv this! so awesome! I am gonna post this comic where ever I can! ppl need to know this awesomeness exist!Every fan's dream comic!