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I really wish you and all the people you love all the happiness in the world. You may not think so but this comic was very beautiful and touching and just so genuine. It affected myself and my friends in such a positive way. Getting to know you and your family and friends through this comic has been an amazing feeling and you all deserve happy and great lives. Thank you for making this comic. 8)
Love the cameo you put in there Holy ;D
I hope things get better for you and Bernard. I know I don't know anything about you personally aside from the things you show us in your comic. But I don't think its true to say your doing nothing right. It takes a loving and hard working person to do what you're doing right now. I know you've said before you feel like we don't truly know what a troll you can be sometimes because you try to show your better side to us. But troll or not I think its beautiful how you'd do almost anything because of how much you love your family. Even when those things can be stressful or hard. Also I hope you don't feel obligated to update us on all that's going on just because you've been busy. I wouldn't want you stressing over more things. I really wish you the best David. Bernard as well my heart goes out to you both. :)
Bro honest to god that guy doesn't know shit. You said you think you know less about love now but honestly fuck him. He knows less about love and relationships and people than you. Jesus I'm sorry man. That guy ironically enough is fucking repressed himself he has repressed himself with how fucking ignorant he is. Even his ignorance would be a little excusable if he'd fucking listen to people. Sorry you had to deal with that David. Fucking ridiculous.
I fucking hate cough medicine and always will. XD The kind you spray down your throat doesn't bother me as much but it doesn't work so awesome unfortunately.... If you pinch your nose when you take it it doesn't taste as bad in the moment, but the aftertaste still gets ya. Hope you get better soon. :)
@daviddoesntgetit: Nah I don't think anyone thinks its really a dick. XD And oh wow I didn't know that. Didn't ruin it for me at all thanks for tellin me. Darn those writers they got my hopes so high....
Black hole shirt
The only thing I could imagine on the shirt that you'd be embarrassed enough to blur out was a dick. o.o But then I think why would he buy Brad a dick shirt? The clues don't add up man...this is going to be the biggest mystery since Pulp Fiction when we didn't get to see what was in the briefcase....
Nah he's so desperate to live with you he named his dog after you. lol Oh man everyone has to die for you guys to live together that's harsh. XD It'd be really cute if you helped Brad with video games and he ended up teaching his son. :) Can't wait to see the comics. XD
I'm so happy for Bernard and Mai! I can't believe the baby's only 2 months away. You must be pretty lonely if you wanna live with Brad again and open yourself up to that harassment. XD Even if you haven't been having the best time I bet Bernard must be really happy, not only because of the baby. It seems like he's been wanting to live with you like you guys talked about as kids for a while just like you loved living with Connor and Miriam. I hope you show us comics of you bonding with Joshua when you're feeling better. :)
making out
I imagine it as two twisters trying to find each other's center.... gross 8/
I feel similarly about hugs and contact. I only have 3 friends I let hug me and will hug back. Hugs with family or anyone else is uncomfortable. I hate obligation hugs with family and stuff. Touching people is just awkward. Nothing is worse than those people that like to cheek kiss with hugs though. Ugh. But I find hugging for comfort awkward and only hug when greeting or parting.

I can only imagine how hard it must be separating from the few people you really feel comfortable and close with. Do you have any ideas for what you're gonna do when they're gone?
Did you have the cartridge that has both Tetris and Dr. Mario? I have that for the SNES it's my favorite along with Yoshi's Island! Dr. Mario 2Player is an intense family tradition in our house, that game is so much fun. You guys manage to beat one or both?
Connor's Height
This is just a silly thought, but I realized with Connor being taller than you now your art for the comic header isn't up to date. XD I'm really glad you've been drawing the comic so long, it's my favorite of all the webcomics I read. *A fuck ton.* I keep thinking it's February because people keep commenting on Valentine's Day already. Its like January never happened it's really confusing.

Also I've been really into the first Tales of X game. I started it when you drew the comic about you guys playing it. So thanks for that. :) Sorry for the not at all related comment.
I'd just like to say I'd follow anywhere you chose to post your work. I'm a big fan of your art and your comics. Good luck finding new income!:)
I know this is off topic but I've been rereading the comic. You mentioned maybe moving in with Bernard when Connor and Miriam move out but I was wondering if you remember working for Adam in his candy shop? Seems like you've got a lot of choices which is nice. :)
*Am I the only one who doesn't like George?...*