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Ah, siblings. Can't live with 'em...


... what? o.o

"Have a nice day!" ^_^
Ten bucks it's Mia trying to get Bern to eat 'cause Angela looked so upset. =D

Or... she scared some poor porcupine to death when she yelled, and it just randomly fell out of the tree? O.o

*dodges a hail of bricks*
Too much freakin' awesome all in one page. xD

DT's face in the last panel speaks VOLUMES. xD

There is no direct translation, simply because one is not needed. B) Methinks it's fully understood by all who see it. (Except possibly the Caterpwiis :3)
Th-they're... so freakin' CUTE... <3

That means... they MUST be evil. O.O
Half a year... >.<
Er, alright. RECAP.

In the short ("short" being a relative term) amount of time since we last saw our hapless heroes, some stuff went down. Yes. Stuff. Lots of totally random and prol'ly dangerous stuff. What that stuff that went down exactly WAS isn't important, and you're better off not knowing. Trust me. -.-;;

What IS important is that ZS and Kirby are FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE. Somewhere... IMPORTANT. =O (Fear the Caps Lock! Ooooooh~!)

This comic was started on August 21/09. Then it sat, with one and a half frames sketched out (badly) in my notebook till April 20th, when I ALMOST finished it. >.o; Now, it's finished. New Record! *brick'd* xP

Yes, I need a better work ethic. Hell, I need a work ethic, PERIOD. xP

On the topic of "work" (or a lack thereof), I refuse to color this one. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME. >=( WYSIWYG. =P I know it's scraggly and colorless and crooked, but I don't care, so nyah. <3
... can we love them both? :3

If I HAVE to pick one... I'd say the hand-drawn one. But, only by a little bit. They're actually pretty similar, except for that third panel. I think CX's expression sold it for me. =)
Dun worry, CX. You'll be plenty discontent when he's done with you. :3 (He'll be plenty discontinued, too, methinks... o_o;; )

This comic is <3
I'm Just a Figment of Your Imagination
Seriously. My compy sucks just as hard as my motivation and/or inspiration. xP But you're not here to listen to me gripe. You're here to watch Megs get tortured. =D

This comic here is what we call a "step in the right direction". *nods sagely* Poor Roll is so confused. And she gets no respect from big bro-bot. =(

Next update:: Whenever. *brick'd* xP
September 3rd, 2009
Nice work. I'm looking forward to seeing where this story leads. =)
=^^= Thanks. ^.^

As for why I didn't start drawing them earlier... the biggest problem is that my sense of perspective sucks. Like, REALLY sucks. ^^; So, all my comic attempts ended up being pretty much the same 2-d everyone-stands-side-by-side look as a sprite version, 'cept sloppier and sans background. ^^;;;;

The other problem is that it's harder, and I'm lazy. XD
*holds breath* =O
I fail at backgrounds. ^^;;

Well, it's kinda sloppy, but it's HERE. Finally. <.<;; Enjoy! (And don't worry, Kirby won't let ZS run after Sonic. ^^; )
Ah, that's good. I don't think I'm up to putting more into the background, at least not yet. ^.^;

Bold... yes, bold. Good word. ^^; (Mebbe not the word I'd use... xD)

I tried to draw it with the text in mind, but the truth is I just got lucky and everything fit. =D (I forgot how long-winded ZS is. xP)

I, uh, really have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to hand-drawn comics, so I'm really glad this one actually turned out presentable. ^.^;

Thank you for your comments, Linko. I really appreciate it. <3
Happy New Year. =O
It occurs to me I haven't done a holiday-theme comic in, like, two years.


Oh well. =P

Here's the ACTUAL Episode 19, all text-y and colored n' stuff. ^.^

The background is boring because my right hand is in no small amount of pain after all this drawing. xP I may or may not finish the background at a later time. (But, given my track record, I wouldn't hold my breath. =D)
Merry happy (safe) New Years, y'all. =)

As a stroke of pure coincidence, F:TSK #1.3 (or is it .4? xP) is ready in the midnight-ish hour, too. =O



I feel awesome. <3

Though my hand hurts now. ;_; Compensating for el sucko scanner is the pits. =)

(EDIT) By the way, if it's too hard to read, lemme know, and I'll fix the text. ^^;;;
Please do not adjust your monitors...
Your eyes do not deceive you. Episode 19... is HAND DRAWN. It's not complete, but it's HAND DRAWN. ZOMGWTFBBQSAUCE. O.o

Have I gone mad? Yes, but that's entirely beside the point. xP

Just think of it as a belated Christmas present. =^.^=

Anyway, Kirby and ZS are off on their grand adventure. (Text'll be along shortly. xD)
Linko - :3

Daniel - Sorry, no IM for me. =) If you want to get ahold of me, you'll have to use email or PM. ^.^

Anti & Sephy - Thank you very much. ^.^ ZS's sprites are edited from Mega Man's "Mega Man 8" sprites. =)
This would've come out a lot sooner, but I hit several major snags. The first was that, as #18 was originally written, I couldn't quite get the comic to go where I wanted it to. So, eventually, I just overhauled the plan and made this version. =D

Second was backgrounds. In the (likely) event it's not clear, ZS has just moved away from the counter. She's in the foreground, and the Rockman goons are in the back. I'm no good with perspective, so if this looks really confusing, I apologize. I'll fix it later. ;_;

Third was Kirby. =/ I had a heck of time getting him to sit on ZS's head. >.o; So, again, if it looks sloppy, I apologize, and I'll fix it later. ;_;
Go, Linko Man! ^.^

He -tried- to warn Hermes. It's the thought that counts, right? :3