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HaHA! Yessss. thanks skala, you made my day
the comic starts out pretty bad dialogue-wise, i apologize. skala improved a bit (and the continuous Solid Snake addition was all him....genius) and I like the result. yes, and the NPCs are awesome. nice rendition, skalamander
penny arcade influence: check

panel 3 definitely
like you really needed my help on that explosion lighting....i like it
ofb is weird

that being said, wicked good comic sir. i wasn't sure if this series was gonna be too great but i loved this comic.
i love the last panel because it reminds me of calvin and hobbes
ONCE MORE...gosh skala you make me laugh
nice. this is one of my favorite so far.
i must say, the free lozenge line was worked in perfectly. props

EDIT:OMG is that a barbie-ish pony-ish game? Don't tell Gabe.
This is definitely my favorite of the Glitch series. The last three panels are pure genius.
I also would enjoy cheese with my comics.
Little bugger
That Imp sure is a tricky little devil. And boy is he fast! How does he move during lag!?
My favorite comic of all so far. That third panel makes me crack up every time.

Keep up the great work mysterious stranger!