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Aww even the weather's about to cry
that growlith gets cuter with every page :3

also, you're great with lighting and mood. The warmer lighting feels like a welcome relief after the gray city
Being jumped by a ginger and a patrat is a scarring experience
YESS he chose team Rocket!!!
The style reminds me of Bill Watterson :D It brings back memories...
At this rate Aya's never going to get a starter...
Page 6
Any guesses about which one Aya "picked" ;P
haha that comeback

it would actually be awesome to have weatherman psychics
New characters and a tone change, yay!
haha Rodney's face in the first panel XD

you have the best expressions
morning breaks
I'm not super happy with how this page turned out. I finished this page a while ago when I was still figuring out how big to make speech bubbles, etc. oh well
Ahh the suspense is killing me!
aw, this is cute! love your style by the way
run aways
don't crack the egg!
the chase is on
don't fuck with plasma :)
first page!
here we goooo

Welcome to my Pokemon Black Nuzlocke.
here are the in-game rules:

*faint=dead, box permanently in the Dead PC box
*dupes clause, even if the first catch has died
*can only catch the first pokemon in a new area
*can catch shinies, disregarding other rules

this comic is loosely based on my in-game run. that means that the plot is very different from the game and, in some cases, pokemon who didn't die in-game may die in my comic and pokemon who did die may leave the team but still be alive in the comic. enjoy ^O^
and so it begins! this is the cover to my new Pokemon Black nuzlocke! enjoy :D
I know it's hard, I'm going through the make money to afford food vs make art thing too, but your comics are awesome and inspiring! Keep on drawing :D
Aww look at the old geezers chilling in the sun