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I love BL and my cats :D

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@Duskthekitty: Thank you very much *^u^* I'll try to update ASAP :)
@Kayos: Haha, Thank you so much!! I'm really happy to hear that *^___^*
@Grapefruit: Thank you *^3^*
Got a problem? Then google it! ;D

Polish version:
For me the funniest thing about Rita is that she tries to act mature and gives some advices but in fact she has fun sending these texts... and I seriously don't think she's much of help at all, haha XDD

And because I'm sorry for the irregular updates next page will be posted shortly ...on Sunday I think ^3^

*Polish version:
@Scarce Rose: Thank you ^^ *glomps :D*
Thank you for 220+ fans :D You guys are awesome :D

Also, I'm sorry for the irregular updates, that can't be helped in my case I think..? Sorry! ^^;

New page will be posted tomorrow btw :D


PS: If you want to see this pic w/o any text I posted it to my dA as well , here's the link :D -->
@Vilian: Haha, thank you very much!! :D
@Grapefruit: Thank you! ^^
Another page, it's silly, haha ^^;
Next update will be in a week I think..? ^3^"

Ps: thank you for 200+ fans, you're awesome!!! *O*~~

Polish version:
@Eveiss: O, to cieszę się bardzo, bo chwilę się zastanawiałam czy dobry pomysł z taką koleżanką-dobra-rada ale doszłam do wniosku, że ktoś im musi pomóc XD
First 3 pages of this chapter is Adrian talking to his childhood friend Rita... and I already miss drawing Max XDD but these pages are fun to draw as well ^^

Polish version:
Oi~ Late again! x)
Previously I was saying that I'm almost done with writing ch2 and that's true but since it's gonna be longer I decided to change it to chapter 3 (as the 2 first stories were planned to be short, so I think it's better to start a new chapter than continue ch2... then again, it probably doesn't make much difference _-_')
I think ch3 should have about 20 pages but not sure for now, we'll see :)
@Vilian: Thank you!! :D
tralala updates x)
The scene in Adrian's room was supposed to be funnier and probably longer but then when I started drawing it I forgot most of it and it turned out to be only 2 pages XD I hope it doesn't look too rushed (I'm afraid it actually does x)

So now I'm planning to write dialogues for more pages before I start drawing, this way it should be better and make more sense I hope... I'm almost done with writing dialogues for ch2 ^^

As for next update, I probably won't be able to update this weekend, but I should post page or two in the end of June I think ^^

Polish version :
@B L U E: Haha, exactly! ^__^
The cat picture was found via google to be honest, I really like it, too ^^
@Eveiss: Dziękuję bardzo ^^
No w sumie racja, ale trochę miałam wyrzuty sumienia, że prawie miesiąc przerwy zrobiłam zaraz po założeniu tutaj konta, z drugiej strony rysuję to na bierząco, więc siłą rzeczy odstępy między updateami będą różne ^^"
Haha... no nie wiem, można tak powiedzieć chyba choć mam wrażenie, że na tą bardziej gejowatą część będzie trzeba jeszcze trochę poczekać... sama nie wiem co mi do głowy wpadnie i jak to sie dalej potoczy, mam w połowie zrobioną kolejną stronę i rozpisane dwie następne, a reszta to luźne pomysły, więc się zobaczy XD
@xForeverRedx: Aww... really happy to hear that <3 Thank you *huggles :D*
I'm really sorry for the wait, it's probably not possible for me to post regularly but I'll try to post more often! x) Anyways, I should update again this weekend :)

Polish version :
@Eveiss: Haha, dokladnie x3
I dziękuję za komentarz ^^