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Ello all!! Finally I get to redo this thing....well...I've finally decided to try and make a webcomic....hopefully I can keep it up. Um...I like drawing..all types of things: nekos, yaoi, couples, yuri, cows.....anything really.

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; ~ ; why didn't you ask ME to make you a dress?" Awwwww :3
hmm...some of those characters look familiar
O x O Harrison...has never looked so good...
o x o anyone else notice how creepy Harrison looks in the back there?

plus: who is XIU!?!?!? MYSTERY!!!
o x o gah, I wish me hads *grabby hands*
aaahhh poor Shadi, probably hates been so resist..cuteness. OH GOD SHADI SO FRIGGEN CUTE! *head explodes*
I've noticed your coloring style is different on this one :3 I likes it a lot....

and hothothothothothothothothohothothothothot*scans picture till getting to Tierney* cute n u n
so many scenery shots!
But I am disturbed......

Poor thing ; - ;
I really see how much you've improved! can't wait to see more.
Oh mah god I know who they are!! *squeals and waits for the next page*
I swear the neck gets longer and longer....and I love it more and more.....
Why is they naked in a field? ?u?

WHHHHYYYYY!?!?!?!?!?!?!! Oh no..did I miss the action? ; - ; Curse you cruel fate!
OxO I know it's probably a tattoo...but.....anyone else think that was a sparkle in the last group panel?

....I did.....=3
November 17th, 2010
That has to be the most epic Chapter title ever...
November 4th, 2010
OwO *flails at the sparkles* weeeee!
yay expanding horizons! And ties!
August 1st, 2010
Awww, how cute

x3 He's so hardcore, who wouldn't love him as a date?!
XD Yer, you know what's up.

That's truly the most awesome drunk speak I've ever heard
Nice!! Ah the fanservice nwn

OxO Omgz......I took a page's comment virginity.....Mwahahahaha