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October 14th, 2008
Thank you for commenting, anyway! I'm glad to hear that you like it.
October 12th, 2008
Been a while
Sorry about the hiatus. I'm in Taiwan now, and finally settling in.
3: Page 5
It's been pointed out to me that I like to use pointing fingers...
Interlude: Marcus
My laptop is sick, and I have to reinstall Adobe's Creative Suite. This means that the next page of Spoor is on hold until I can put it through Photoshop. In the mean time, here is the first comic I ever drew.
3: Page 4
And that is Crystal. And Greg - again. And that is why Iris is upset with him.
3: Page 3
Greg reappears on the scene. Iris seems less than thrilled.
3: Page 2
At least she got back in her apartment, right?
3: Page 1
My eternal apologies for not having this up on time.

Things are looking up for Iris?
June 1st, 2008
It's always nice to see other not-anime on here, and this is shaping up to be an interesting story acompanied by art with great potential, to boot. I'm glad to have found it.
Chapter 3
Sorry about the long absence. I moved to another state, and Spoor got pushed to a back burner. I'm back on track now, though, until the middle of August when there will probably be another short hiatus. I will try to make it coincide with some kind of chapter break, but we'll see what I can do.

Anyone want to guess what'll happen in chapter 3?
Page The Last of Chapter 2. Forgive Iris her emoness...
I'll give you a hint -- go back and look at the splash page for chapter 2.
Who can predict the first line in the next page?
Only they can say.
And it's up. Only a day or so late. Sorry guys.

Anyway, Iris and Jake are showing signs of not playing well together. Oh dear.
April 21st, 2008
I did not get a page done this week, so here is Gwen, looking mostly as angry as ever, to say hello. That bottom version is from before/after she was... um... heartbroken.
Viva la hobo revolucion?
I think I said the names would come last week, but I lied. Here are Jake, Gwen, and Aaron. If I had to say that I was a character or conglomarate, I'd say I was equal parts Gwen and Iris (except having a significantly better day).
I like the green in this - perhaps it's just for the prologue, but I like it. It's reminiscent of old photographs, and thematically that makes me happy.

I also like the letter-writing style and the premise so far.
re: wrenaminophen
Thank you very much! As I don't particularly wish to be punched, I think I'll keep updating. I'm glad you like it.