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I know. I can't draw.
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This is a really cool comic! I can't wait for more! I also really like the art!
Oh! I just recently caught up with this comic. I'm glad to be back reading it!
Gee, Rick... Hate to say it, but your honeymoon might be interrupted by your wife being charged with several cases of poisoning!
This is a really amazing comic! I sat down one afternoon and read through it to catch back up on what was happening, and it was amazing! This comic inspired me to do my own Nuzlocke run, and maybe I'll turn it into a comic. Amazing art!
It's nice to catch up to one of my favorite comics. Nice artwork!
Let's throw a party!
My brother once got:
Your fortune lies in another cookie.
Strange how even though this comic is just a random thing, it developed it's own storyline.

Calvin's in trouble.
((Why do all the comments so far have Pokemon related usernames? It's a little weird...))
....I'm guessing those three get hurt a lot.
This is the most heartwarming and beautiful rendition of this story yet. I love it!
Because that's the way the world portrays them to others, it's also the way the world made them.
I think we can relate. :D
Hey, thanks for sticking with us! I personally thought that it was great idea that you tried to do something different with this nuzlocke. I'll go follow your tumblr note but thank you for starting with us. I will continue to support you, and I think it was very unfair that people judged you for not being able to update. Thanks for being awesome!
Hmmm... Teenagers by My Chemical Romance reminds me of HG.
Hey, I found your comic and fell in love with it. Your characters are all diverse and relatable. You pull off the black humor really well too. I can't wait to see where this is going!
I actually prefer action anime, I like Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Soul Eater, Akame Ga Kill, Fairy Tail and Blue Exorcist.