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The comic speaks for me pretty well most of the time so the only thing I have to say here is, once again I love you and thank you for your time.

I hope you enjoy your time with my comic. I hope you are safe and loved. I hope the dark place is quiet. And if it's ever not, feel free to tell me anything.
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I always get pretty caught up in my own world view and I am a detail person, so I kind of assume people will pick everything apart. Lol. Also, it's hard to know what people will clamp on to.
I love the detail of his broken rotten teeth to both imply drug use and abuse. Very smart to double down on who he is, and back up him in details. <3 It's something some people seem to loose track of, or take for granted that everything about a design should show/remind the viewer who this person is.
I think that's what hair does no matter what, it just gets into moods and then does not do what it should be doing. Also, I am new to the site, so I don't have bannery thing thing in my sig but, here's my comic in case you want to take a peek.

And you're welcome! I figure that most of us artists get paid in love more then money, and I have love for most things coming out my ears!
I love every inch of this comic! I love how you took some time to get to the sex, I love how you are putting time and care into it. I LOVE Ave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I looooooooooooooove Owen he is SUCH a hoot. I really enjoy your art it's so lovely, and it suits the comic very well. I like how gentle your shading is, I love how Ave's hair is drawn, I love how you draw hair overall. <3 So much love.
Lol Aug 17th is my birthday!