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    Alexandra (Allie) Wild
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February 11th, 2017
that is the cutest angry face ive ever seen! <3
HA!! i laughed more than i should have!
The suspense is killing me!!
ha! sounds like me XD
January 13th, 2017
damn that body tho!
January 3rd, 2017
Holy crap!! He's fucking hot!! :O
January 1st, 2017
oh dear.....
December 18th, 2016
that was the most awkward thing ive ever read XD
December 10th, 2016
OMG story of my life!! But at least I live in an area where everyone knows what salsa is tho
I love his sense of humor, sounds so much like me XD
This is a very strange story so far, and extremely interesting! I love it!!
she did the right thing lol
Well damn!
man she can eat! XD
Man i want her dress! =D
i think id have the same reaction as Atty lol
Ha! Grandma's awesome!
*GASP* I want his key chain!! =D
I am totally in love with that Gloom!
nailed it