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Alyssa Loves to read and write. Most of all she loves to draw. That's her major hobbie. She'd love to one day become a mangaka or Game Designer. She loves to sing, hang with friends, and be chill...? She dislikes bullies, jerks, and super duper spicy things, and sometimes the cold. Yet, she loves snow. Alyssa also likes to write in 3rd person because it makes her feel smart.
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    Alyssa Salazar
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I keep forgetting to update on fridays....;-; I need to remember better. I'm sorry guys......TT~TT
@DeadlyDuo: He's her cousin. Right now it isn't going to explain further on how she feels on this subject but it'll get more in depth with it later.uou
Wow! I'm updating this pretty late into the Ghhh I was about to go to sleep when I remembered that it was tuesday and that I needed to update today.xD I'm glad I remembered. I really hope you guys are enjoying this so far.

This comics story format is gonna be a bit weird but I'm sure you guys will get used to it. It's basically going to parts of her life and kinda choppy but near the end everything will begin to make sense... Or at least that's what I hope for.>~<;;
@Dragonrider33: Oh gosh! You're right! I hadn't noticed it wasn't there. I'll add it asap!
Hey guys!! I am so sorry for not posting yesterday!! I haven't gotten used to this yet.>o< Hope your enjoying this so far!:D
February 28th, 2015
im so sad!! I finally come back to read this and its left to this...;-;cant wait for the next pages! I'm sure Irony will pop up again
@NellyOnly: so she's a pansexual then?? That's awesome!!:D
I am fangirling too hard at those last 2 panels!!!cx
Pffttt!!! What's up with them?!xD
PFFFTTTT!!! Why Momo?! Why?!xD Too cute.xp
You are too cute Momo!!xD
September 24th, 2014
Oh god....
Holy shiiittt!!! how fucking adorable!!xD
I'm a so adorable!:D
August 31st, 2014
I haven't read this book in forever! I'm so glad I'm able to come back and catch up!:D It's looking good so far!:)
Slooon~! ♡ >~< Too
Haha omg man.xD
Ive been gone so long. TnT but I read atleast 4 new pages so that definitely made up for it.
God though, this is too I don't even care if something goes bad right now because he is just too cute and makes my heart like wow.
@Rooikatjie: oooo ok ok, I understand.c:
Do the side story!! XD only if you're willing
Too cute!!! X3