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A lazy teen. :v
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Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend, school's been kinda harsh, but i'll try to update more during the week to compensate it. Btw thank you all for the favs and comments. <3
Yay i finally got the guts to begin a comic!
I hope you guys enjoy, and for translation of this weird alphabet just hover over the image. :3
I would tap that
the teacher is hot
Aww. That's so adorable. Now kill him. <3
Damn i love Gunther.
I'm feeling very attracted to Noah lately, idk why but he seems hotter now :Y
oh no, poor girl D:
they are so adorkable
Ooh I'm excited for this comic!!
oh gawd i died, i'm in heaven now
he finally said it, oh fuck right in my kokoro
Oh god please update soon!!
I like this page :)
And Zelda is a adorable name for a bunny!
I dunno man, i think the only real one is the happy penis, it make sense to me. ;p
Oh god he is so cute!! >///<
God i'm loving this art style! >w<
Soo cute!! >//<
God they are so cute! >w<
Oh c'mon, Hyacinth is a pretty badass name.