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Man, they've come a long way. This is so important for them.
July 10th, 2018
Oh my, what a beautiful beginning! I love the flowers and shading.
ohhhhhhhhhh is Yashka going to neutralize these monsters like he did Karma during his dual with Vas? That would be so cute.
Yeah, wow! I guess I'm just a super oblivious/inattentive person because I would never notice something like that unless... I had a crush on that person and paid attention to every little detail about them. Wow, okay, is Jacob like Hendrix?
Wasn't JP living in a city before all of this went down? Oh god, please tell me city boy JP doesn't burn down their freakin' house trying to make a fire pit in the backyard.
This is gorgeous, oh my goodness. Merry Christmas and thank you for the lovely picture.
October 17th, 2017
Does JP want to try it too?
Welp, time to meet Mama. :'D
Let the poor boy wear his dresses!
The ladies, I'm sure, definitely know that face when they see it. I love Lotte's "no fucks given" attitude. It is wonderful <3
September 11th, 2017
Waaaaaaaaaaaaait, he knows? When did he find out? It would have to have been pretty recent, right?
The kiss! Oh my goodness that is so beautiful. The art is so well done!
That's so incredibly sweet! What a kind gesture!
EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Long Exposure babes! nisuuuu
They are going to get fucking caught. Dagfrigginnabbit!
You know, no one in the comments has expressed even vague suspicion concerning Wes' intentions here. Sure, it may look sweet and friendly, but maybe there's more to it...
This is the happiest Bailey has looked in so long and the mirror neurons in my brain can't take it. Ahhhhhhh, so happyyyyyy
Holy hell, nothing like hallucinating your dead love to end a day.
In the beginnings of sexual relationships, it's not unusual for one person in the relationship to be hung up and unable to perform because of some type of emotional obstacle. It will also turn a person off (emotionally and physically) if they think sex is the most important part of the relationship to the other person. Bb is probably just feeling uncertain.
Wait--how does that make him a whore? Kylee didn't offer up the specifics of their relationship. Stfu Kimmrick you don't know shit