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Hiya, I'm extremeArtist, or eA for short.

I enjoy Pokemon, baking, and various other activities that don't really involved going outside a whole lot. :T

My current, ongoing comic is about the events before and during Pokemon Black and White, from the view of the goddesses of Team Plasma, Anthea and Concordia.
It can also be found on my deviantART account under the folder WWWtG.

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"I've never been wrong to trust a Pokémon yet."
well N there's a first time for everything!

The second panel's dialogue makes me think of Chihiro's English dub dialogue from Spirited Away when she realizes Haku is a dragon :Y
N's probably gonna suggest Plasma after hearing Volcorana say it.
Also I'm loving Ghetsis' mega face-plant
Another fabulous page as usual! I really like Wigglytuff's face in the last panel.
I did notice a small typo; "truley" should be "truly".
I'm loving the character development! Keep it up!
Ghetsis has that look like someone just said something extremely insulting to him and he isn't sure how to react.
Life-changing event in 3...2...

Note: Smaller size because Smackjeeves is mean
Sorry for the long wait, here ya go!

Smackjeeves decided to be stupid and I had to make the file size smaller.
Hero, watch your LANGUAGE! :O
Beginning of Chapter 2.
In a city that seems to always be plagued by constant rain, two young orphans live...
Gosh, a singing boat ride. What a treat!

Too bad Del's (who goes full on rainbow amazingness in panel 2) attempt to initiate a staring contest is ruining it for Avis.
End of Prologue.
Thank you for reading!
roll roll tilt clunk
Not a chapter, but a prologue.
So...technically still a chapter I guess.

(With alt. text!)