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READING i love it so much go awesome story lines and plot details yeah you great writers/drawers thanks!
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All that needs to be said
The song had some things that matched up like the chorus but I think a lot if it didnt so sorry, but it is a good song song and some did work :)
Lizard bot 9000
Behold the glory that is CATBOT9000!!!!!!!!!
Noooooo don't blame a child in the fault of the father and that is way to obvious!!! Mist is so cute!!
I think on her question to echo, is there a date we have to give the question by?
Awwwwe its so cute! Poor little houndoom left alone without any other houndoom to play with
I am guessing the houndoom lost because this flash bak started when talking about a houndoom and the history behind them though I would still be on TEAM HOUNDOOM!!!!! Number 1
Ohh cliff hanger, this is quit an interesting history lesson
D= ahhhh why does it have to be giratina. Giratina is one of my favorite pokemon :(
Ahh but I love non suspicious toast
That was rude
It has certainly bean a pleasure reading your comics :)
Burning to death and drowning would be a close second. But yeah freezing or starving to death would be the worst
Where did you get your name nekomata what is the significance of it?
I also love backstory and deep plot. That is one of the reasons this is so amazing.
I really hope that nyra is not actually bad, I don't know why but I hope nyra becomes a protagonist and is good :) I don't know why but I do
On a darker note, Lucy said that she would tell their BROTHER, does that mean that they don't have parents or that the parents aren't very authoritative. Though the first one seems more likely. But still SO ADORABLE!!!!!
Yeah more chapters ( I totally forgot about the chapter a day thing) i like Maya's look in the last panel.
Who is Josie and where is she from? I want to check it out.
And yay happy B-day even though I am a little late =D
7000 looks more like a mousebot to me???
But yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!