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and then attempted child murder
and now my head has the image of the kid doing a thumbs up as he sinks
i real waste if you ask me seems like a mistype
not the soup nation!!
and that was the day the building burned
now heres a guy with an axe to grind
well i mean if you get technical theres no such thing as a wet surface
mana has become super saiyan rose
replace the beads with a blade and youve got a hunter from bloodborne
that awkward moment when you realize wait didn't i kick that guys ass before
truly the finest punch line
i dont know why but this guy makes me think of phoenix wright
oh good now link has a distraction for the boss
they clearly dont follow the fierce deity master of all slayer of the weak etc etc.
oh douche knight thou know not what your getting into
id say she was gonna open a portal to hell but earths already there
just like a spirit bomb completely useless
medications do strange things to people