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leaving home without a pokegear so irresponsible
i wonder if grim's clothing have magic stain removal.
i sometimes think max vision would be cool but then i consider what horrors he might also see.
and then we learn that darcy is a cut character from jojo's bizarre adventure
one wraith skull to rule them all, one wraith skull to find them, one wraith skull to bring them all and in darkness bind them.
this can only end in some form of party game.
greg is a witch he must face a witch trial!
for a creature without ears his hearing is amazing
this can only end in over the top violence
i think someone wise once said its only paranoia if your wrong. who knows how many times len has really been wrong.
oh no an armos who could have predicted this?
that's not concerning at all
wait are they just getting smaller?
my god the spear of forgetfulness drop it now before you forget everything!
DARCY the origin story
i wonder what's going through her head as she falls
vanitas is engaged in the most dangerous pastime for many izzy watching how this ends depends entirely on weather max or izzy catches him
it was at this moment she knew she was dead
and from this day on link would suffer night terrors of an unknown origin
is that the cop girl?