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grimm needs a shower and ripa needs to chill
menace intensifies
i feel that kid? is under-reacting to someone bursting through a wall and lifting them by the face.
hope they have bags packed
those eyes in panel four have seen horrors not meant for mortal men
i like those shades izzy has also what the hell did she order
im more impressed by all the clothing still on hangers after how many years
one ppppuuuuuunnnnccchhhhh
lion used pin missile
whats sad is im sure there are people who are drinking that stuff
and now all i can see is warren with a red lantern ring vomiting his rage blood on people
that would end so badly for him but i cant say i wouldn't watch
oh god the sheer magnificence of the textile vault has blinded me
one hit by swift shes lucky this aint a nuzlock
its a giant centipede isnt it
nothing like past life ptsd to motivate you
he wants to put on smooth jazz and bring out the good soda for the wheely counter.
considering how big a kiwi egg is compared to a kiwi thats a reasonable concern for her
famous last words right there
that got dark fast