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yeah no just tell people that you have a demon attached to your head that will go over well
this can only end in attempted child murder
and then she locked them in a car and tossed it off a dock and or cliff
now it will cover him like venom
is this bitch magic? cause thats the only way to explain this transformation
February 18th, 2019
whats that wound on her head or is that veins?
bomb theory the fuse is coated in a special substance that ignites the second its re exposed to air
its a pity when an A.I. goes rampant but at least they can reformat him.
oh shit shes smarter than she was letting on
just stab her with the spear of forgetfulness she wont remember there was ever a problem or that she was stabbed.
Noah you vile bastard
even in death the dead hand cant keep off of link
he needs to knock link out before he stars a fight with every monster in there
it was at this point link knew
@WiispNightmare: just about anything from a good horror movie
a literal tide of evil is coming their way someone get ganon a playlist of dramatic running away music
classic this isn't even my final form should have seen it coming