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oh i see its not that they respect holy ground its that they fear whats on holy ground well played
is she doing what i think shes doing
i see what you did there
it only gets worse from here
i almost commented that kong would do exactly this on the last page
how fortunate that these creatures respect the hallowed ground otherwise grim and ripa wouldn't have a prayer against them all
i feel that being insulted by the Darcy would get the point across better
yes to all this
it occurs to me that if something like that is guarding the outside what horror is on the inside?
only way this could be better is if max back handed that fool
i would not want to be in kongs claws for any of that
i admire his dedication to getting off work but then again that seems a bit much
@Guest: that's not his blood
yeah that's what he gets looks for
kill them with fire
ffs whats next a deathclaw?
and so the heroes journey ends not due to a monster but due to a overly affectionate horse
i kinda wanted to see if he could survive the fall
i feel like ive seen a scene similar to this but i cant place it