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i feel a fox is a bad comparison something more vicious would be accurate
that preacher aint clowning around
truly she has a disarming sense of humor
and all it cost was the loss of skelly to gain the soul stone
a wedge made of carrot this can only end well
something witty about david and goliath
its smart to be prepared when it goes wrong
the last time someone used the heart of someone their whole race disappeared
mood killer indeed
i cant imagine why link is fearful of this one not like he was created by the literal incarnation of evil.
oh no grimms raging alcohol problem starts now
jeez you can almost feel her distaste for the mere thought
when you walk the path of vengeance dig two graves just in case theres a second one
so behemoth has the truant ability truly the worst ability
September 20th, 2019
oh no hes dead
but oot disproves that theory as well
the clown on the wheel i feel ive seen him before perhaps with a giant cannon?
he certainly looks like death took a few swings before he got crushed
truly this is a pot and kettle situation
i can only assume that that is a suppressant of some kind and summer is going to be mad about it