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ah the age old conundrum one never gets enough time with their creator
id go back and buy video games id have to come up with a plan on how to get the cash for them but id have plenty of time.
time for Caldwell to use his gun for its other purpose knocking out fools
first she crushes derryl then the tetris 99 leader-board
i would probably watch that
i feel that plan needs more work
oh angelic weapon the plot thickens
i appreciate toilet humor of this level
@Guest: did you watch infinity war?
truly link had the dream but then reality hit him in the face
i dont think thats his color
hit the deck
invest in paper plates and plastic cutlery that is the lesson ive taken from this
unless that blood grants superpowers id get rid of it
oh that sounds like a clever loophole in the blueprint of creation
the tragedy of shapeless is that they seem to have never truly lived and therefor are unable to see truth of perfection
normally your supposed to do that to the woman noah
sorri is already a weirdo with a potentially sentient weapon
i mean my time in school was "educational" and i turned out fine.

eye twitch
just redirect her to the spear she wont remember being mad