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huh so asher is in the robbing business now also shouldn't he have two mechanical arms or am i remembering that wrong?
this is what it looks like when someone styles on you
the look of someone whos gonna take a beating
December 11th, 2018
now that's a face that'll haunt the dreams of children for ages to come.
oh boy hes pissed
did she summon a spider or is that an illusion?
they have a fine dynamic
articus is right not to trust her its far to suspicious
i wonder if there are any dead hands skulking around
theres an ominous look in grimms eye
that man was never seen again
so what im getting from this is that the ghosts represent his feelings about his failed dates
she wants him to draw her like some kind of kalos woman
that bird is tsundere as hell
November 22nd, 2018
i really wanna know what happened to the mother
yay the backup has arrived it can only get worse from here
give them the spear and they wont remember what they want unless that is what they want
and then the ballot is discarded just to rub salt in
thats a clever twist on that tired gag