Just your average pokemon/whatever else drawing person thing yeah
Yo I'm Ashli or if your coming from another site you'll prolly know me as Anocra or EcstaticShli.
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One shouldn't judge a book by its cover~
Whoa! I can't believe he cares enough to investigate. Those wingdings'll do that to a person.

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Oh yeah, Sans is in this comic. He's finally back and not sleeping.

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Flying at indeterminate shadowy blobs is a bad idea. Reckless idiocy at its finest.

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Oh yeah that sounds like a great idea.

Wingdings translation: “You will fight. I must learn more about you, human!”

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Uploading this a day early because I'll be gone all day Saturday
It's all fun and games until freak bullets happen.

Wingdings translation: “Why did you show up here? Do you wish to cause harm? Yes? No?… So be it. Whatever the case, I cannot let you by without a test.”

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And then you realize that this was what Flowey was going to call her.

Wingdings translation: “I think I understand what is with you. You don’t belong here. You’re nothing but an anomaly, a lost disruption trapped in our world.”

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Whoa there. Incoming blob of body horror. Meet Residue_man. Not Gaster c;

Wingdings translation: “Oh my, a human? But there is no need for one now… How very very interesting.”

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I guess the door isn't a fan of the joke.

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@BtAwesomeness: Thanks! That means a lot!
@TheFourthSoul: She don't know that. She's never heard of an undertale
I dunno about you but that sounds like a terrible idea.

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This kid really needs to learn not to jump off high places

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Perspective and now stairs are the bane of my existence

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Reaching the end may not be such a good idea. It's typically full of heartache.

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Through the dark ruins she goes, to goat mom's old house

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Girl, you have no idea

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Not if you count Chara, which I am.

Counting them you have the souls of the six fallen humans plus Frisk. Frisk is the 8th human.