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Just your average pokemon/whatever else drawing person thing yeah
Yo I'm Ashli or if your coming from another site you'll prolly know me as Anocra or EcstaticShli.
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What could be going on back at the start of the ruins?

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Enough chatter, time to move along! They're both likely too tired for much more

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We got a name for the underground's new visitor! It's not what Sans was expecting I'm sure

Also, sorry for the lack of an update last week. I had pinkeye

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Funny, when I saw your PSMD pic with mew earlier I thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool if kroll was a mew lol".

...Little did I know haha.
Now I gotta draw this pudge again. That's the real trick
I doubt Sans appreciated the earlier scare. Sheesh buddy. Went from 0 to 100 real quick there

Also! The 15th marks the 1st anniversary of this comic! Very glad I've stuck with it!

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@WiispNightmare: That would be the bad ending
@WiispNightmare: Just a handshake. No pranks involved~
@Neolancer: "No this is Patrick"
Sudden realization!

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Girl don't pass out. It's time for ya to meet the guy who technically saved you!

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Oh hey would you look who it is

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You know you're bad at hand shaking when you destabilize and explode just seconds afterward

Hehe! And you all were worried about Sans for nothing

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This is not how you should meet a new friend

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*otherworldly screeching ensues*

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I'm gonna go ahead and say he's probably more startled by that noise he just made

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One shouldn't judge a book by its cover~
Knock knock. Who's there? You shouldn't have answered the door. It's gross

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Whoa! I can't believe he cares enough to investigate. Those wingdings'll do that to a person.

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