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@Kiiroi: Thanks a lot!!! <3
@Manga-Ka: Yes you were ^-^ I'm glad that you were that close to their reals ages <3
@Manga-Ka: She's 13 and he's 14
@Manga-Ka: I really love the Moonbeams, so cute and roundy!!! *squish them*
@Manga-Ka: I'll try to update a page every two days from now on...
@Manga-Ka: ^-^ Later I'll update a new page...
@lucidfairy: <3

@Manga-Ka: She's a bit weird, she grew too much attached to him in no time xDDD And of course, he wants to go home, it's logical ^-^

@Kannamaru: Thanks a lot~!!! *^*
@Guest: He's cute but so egoistic, this little Knite, but I like him that way xDDD
@Guest: I think she knows she's cute so she wants to take advantage of that fact xDDD So Knite, hang in there!!! xDDD
@Blazen: OMG!!! Thanks >-< *hug*
@Guest: Yeah!!! Happy to read that you like it *^*
@Guest: OMG!!! I luv too the transformations in magical girls/boys animes, I was so afraid drawing this page xDDD I'm glad with the final result ^-^
@Guest: Thanks for the tip, I'll change it for the print version ^-^
@Wavechan: Thanks for letting me know here too!!! ^-^ *hug*
@Guest: A wedding could be cool xDDD but that's not the case xDDDD
@Guest: Glad that you like Serina, I love her a lot ^-^
@Guest: This pages have some time, I can make like 1 page every 2-3 days, and yes, I get lot of pain in hand and shoulder after drawing many consecutive hours!!!
@Guest: Yup, Knite is the type to think the things a lot xDDD Serina is more the act first think later type xDDDD *hug* Glad that you think that it's get better and better >/////////////<
@Guest: Not yet >-<
@Guest: >/////////////< This is one of my favs pages soo far xDDDD Romantic pervert pants sounds good and funny xDDDD