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Hi. Vie's not my real name, though I'm not going to tell you my real name anytime soon, sorry! All I'm going to tell you is that I'm still in high school, and I love to draw. Though I think for the time being my comics will most likely be fully traditionally made, not digitally... horrible, I know XD stupid stylus, dissapearing all of a sudden! *pouts*
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Aaaaay :DD
So, here's chapter 4's cover~ and as usual, MASS UPDATE: 10 pages starting with this one, everyday until the 7th, January~ think of it as compensation and to whoever's still even bothering to read this, thanks for your patience qvq I know I'm slow and I have no excuses to offer *rolls away*

Also, happy new years to all of you! Hope you have a great time next year~
Also, Merry Christmas! Here's 2 pics I made (this one and the page before)(coughlikeanyonecarescough)
I HAVE RISEN FROM MY GRAVE *SMACK* qvq sorry for taking so long, I have no excuses OTL

Anyway, volume 2 is finally here~ hopefully I could get these done by next year, but I have a few pages already. Just have a massive headache rn tho qvq

Anyway, if any of you still care (and if I'm typing to ANYONE out there here), then be a bit more patient with me ^^;
@Dinda: save ALL dem covers!! >:3 C
@Dinda: Yeps, a new character MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cackles*
Ooooh~ this looks interesting! I can't wait to see more ^~^

Also, the synopsis said he fused with a demon right? Or maybe I'm wrong? And the demon has to do with the concept on Wednesday?


If I stalk your comic until it continues, don't blame me. I latch onto this kind of stuff >B)
@vera kulikov: AAAAH thank you I'm not alone out here in the smoll island of my comic qvq *hugs you* More'll come! ...I just hope you have zen levels of patience... I take an ABSURDLY long time and even that's an understatement *rolls*
Starting from today to the 23rd, at 7.30, UTC+07.00 (West Indonesia Time), and after that I'll be uploading the rest of C.3.

C.4's gonna take a while, mostly due to me prepping for AFA and September's around when college starts and you know how (absurdly) long I take with my pages.

So yeah, once C.3 is done, another long hiatus! But I already have the script ready, so hopefully it won't be that long. Hopefully.


Just droppin' by to say Minal Aidzin wal Faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin!
Eey just dropped by to say happy 4th of July for any of you celebrating ^^
FINALLY FUCK DAMMIT THIS TOOK A WHILE QvQ all that time and this shit looks sloppy still *rolls*

Anyway, delay cuz life yada yada yada I won't make excuses. I took WAY too fucking long.

So here's 21 days' worth of pages for C.3! Kindda rushed it a bit (ok maybe not a 'bit') but in the words of the late Monty Oum, "bad animation is better than no animation". Still, I TRIED OK?? Q~Q

The 21 days set of pages isn't the end of the chapter tho, there's still a bit more before this one ends so look forward to that I guess. Each chapter'll be uploaded daily at 10pm (UTC+07:00 (western Indonesian time)) so yeaaa.....

And now I'll leave. My back needs rest. *rolls away*

Ok, so I uploaded 10 or so pages (I think?) of C.2. Thus Chapter 2 is now finished! *confetti everywhere *sMACKED*

Anyway, each update will be published each day starting from now. Today's update at 11.30, the rest will be on 5.00 PM.

Sooo yeah... c.2 is done, and now to finally rest.. (and work on c.3 baHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Another update~
And another shitty one to boot. This one was a bit hasty, since my phone nearly died.. again.. and I only have one cable to charge it with and I need it for my tablet QnQ forgive meeeeeeh TnT

Also I'm planning on uploading this on Tapastic so if you wanna check it out there feel free to. I'll post the link once I upload it. Tryin' to spread my wings a little, y'know?

(and failing while I'm at it *legrosssob*)
@Alucard29: >w< thank yoooouuuu!!
another update
Only one page tho since I don't think I can update anymore than that for today. ONLY CAFFEINE IS FUELING ME OMG *dies*

Also lol, my pages are inconsistent... one page has a pretty light shading, and then this one turned out real dark. Is that bad? It's bad, isn't it? *lecry*
Ahahaha, lol XDD soooo I decided to make this at one point today ^^;; so yeaaaah, here's a bonus illustration of Morpheus! *you probably don't care lol* A little something while doing chapter 2 some more XD
Aaaaand with this a new chapter starts!

(a new shitty one lol TvT)
Whoops lol XDD
Welp! I did Morpheus' concept art completely wrong XDD well, not really, it's just a small part of his clothing (you'll know which if you read this page before)

Note to self; you have school. Never try doing shit at night ever again.

...*does it anyway cuz lolz*
Ahahahahaha, color page and I suuuck (mainly because a.) I can't color to save my life, b.) I was rubbish by this time cuz only caffeine is fueling me --;;)