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I'm a 16 year old aspiring artist, who is hopelessly addicted to anime, manga, and shounen-ai/yaoi ^^;

I'de love to start my own comic one day, but I still have alot of things I need to practice. Anatomy, hands, eyes... The list goes on -_-

I love reading, writing, drawing, my computer, art, rain, wolves, dragons, and I have a HUGE, MAJOR thing for wings (I mean major here people). I intend on getting into an art field, and I will bring traditional animation back in america D: I swear it!! DX

I hate Missouri, homophobes, psychotic people that try to sue you just because they feel slighted in life :/, Idiots, morons, the stupid and the ignorant. I think that just about covers that, oh did I mention I hate Missouri? <--born in California and lived there for almost 13 years of her life.

Other than that I'm hopelessly addicted to any manga, or comic, or cartoon, or pictures with good images and an interesting story ^^
Wow. I can't believe its over. I didn't even get to read it till after the fact ;A;
But I'm so happy for you. I've been reading this comic since practically the beginning, and you've grown so much. This will forever remain one of my favorite comics, and should you ever get it printed, just know you have my money~
I can't wait to see your new project, and I hope you keep doing what you're doing!
Wow, we're being spoiled with so many pages XD

Congratz to the winner!!
I'm so sorry I'm getting this in so late ><;; I know the drawing isn't finished but I'll have it done and updated by Monday. Only thing is Elaina has dark skin :/

(Copy pasted from description)

Elaina is a... bird of some sort. She doesn't even know what she is. Shes also a very ticked off bird -w- Even though she can mimic human speech, she mainly just squawks obscenities and mean things. Shes just kind of spiteful. But its mainly because shes awkward and just a little bitter. She doesn't actually fly. Due to an injury to her right wing, shes been too scared to try flying since.

Elaina was hatched from an egg by a general store owner in New York. Because it was obvious she was some sort of exotic bird, he allowed her to have full flight. She was able to fly whenever and wherever she wanted, but she always came back to the general store. Until one day she returned with an injured wing. After that Elaina became very bitter and she didn't leave the store. The store owner managed to built a series of connecting perches for her, so she just stays on the perch and glares at customers. She especially hates it when kids try to pet her. It went on like this for a few years until the store adopted Hamilton. Even though Elaina would never admit it, hes really helped her since his coming to the store. Shes more open and less mean.

Hamilton is a loyal husky. Hes always very kind and warm and loving to anyone. He may be a positive dog, and seem kind of spacey but in truth hes extremely analytical in situations. Gauging his surroundings and strangers. If his loved ones are threatened, he'll bite first and ask later.

Hamilton is a happy go lucky husky from Alaska. He was adopted by the store owner from New York when he was 2 and half years old. Though he may seem like the ever positive guy now, when he was in Alaska he was a troubled youth. There were rumors of him running with dog gangs, getting into dog fights, and even supposedly running with wolves. But these are just rumors of course. Now hes the guard dog of the small general store in New York, where he spends his days trying to make Elaina happy (even though she just hates him for it).
I'm totally entering this. I'll have it up by Thursday hopefully :3
Your so mean. Throwing us this twist, then leaving us hanging D:

Kudos for the drama though!! XD
Tell her off Richard!! Tell her off! Run to your man!!!

Your comic is seriously too addicting XD