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I love to have a good laugh so romantic comedies and such are the best. My hobby is drawing and reading. I like to sing though Simon Cowel would laugh if I opened my mouth lol. I love to have fun and make friends. I used to be so shy with my comics/manga, I would draw all of these interesting stories and keep them in a book and never show anyone. They were my own little worlds I could visit when I was sad or happy and I would be OK with that because I never had to fear any judgment or negative comments but then I thought. Why not share this with others? Fear of judgement and negativity shouldn't hold me back from sharing something that could make people smile even if it's just one person it would make my day. So here I am. :)
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Chapter 2 begins
End of chapter 1
Sorry I'm late.
Sorry for the late update.
Credit to the artist
Panel one is credited to Takata rikuzen from deviant art. He made that fabulous background.
omg so cute
oh my gagadjgkshfkhsk.....ahhhhh yessssssss!!!!
my gawd
that fake out on the kiss....I need a cold shower...Dang Danny boy you got Louis melting
Dear @##$#%%$
I think I need an adult. (# ' ' #)
Naughty Thoughts
Dear Gah! Daniel you a real smooth operator when your shyness isn't around.
@Kyotee-King they need to kiss already right? lol
American Idol
I loved the song, he's got himself an artist there, nurture that talent.
Those lyrics tho
If Danny had a tail he'd wag it in the scene. Too cute.
Damn Daniel
Get your masculinity on man lol, made me melt when he told Louise to "lean back in". It just got hot in here. woooh *fans self fiercely*
My face almost went through my screen. Lol
Go! Kiss thee guy.
Dem feet though
So cute with the flirting. I'm blushing so hard right now.
Louise got all hot and bothered
oh my~