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I like writing, drawing, singing, programming, playing games, goofing off, being lazy, and I'm learning to play the guitar. That's about it. Sorry to bore you.
Oh wait... No, I'm not sorry I bored you. Odds are you deserved it.
Juuust kidding. =]

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Indeed, you'll be missed... Thanks for letting us continue to use your character! Also... I can't see the picture here. D:
College is pretty draining. =/ I'm a rather dormant member of SSOC now... I'm still keeping up with updates and comments, though.
Sorry guys, I've been totally uninspired lately. Plus I'm going off to college Sunday, so things will be a little hectic for awhile. Lots of changes for me! I've been reading the updates and keeping up, though.
I should post, but I'm on vacation, basically. Still alive, though! I'll be back home late next month. Sorry!
Mike is still talking to Sam outside, I believe.
It's fine. Graduating is its own reward. xP
xP Nice! I'll just imagine myself standing off to the side, then, just off-camera... I graduated too, haha.
Naughty things! NAUGHTY THI--

Wait, Scrabble? Oh, nevermind, then. ^^
All I have to say about this is... I'm out of practice. =/
Yep, I'll post next.
Nice job! Very concise. I went ahead and added a little border to the table for readability, too. ^^
o.o And I thought I was creepy. xD
And there we go. Welcome back!
Alrighty, we got a majority now. Masterweaver has been invited back!

Not everybody voted, but everyone who did voted 'yes'. Yay!
Just so you guys know, we only need two more 'yes' votes to get a majority for Masterweaver to rejoin. People who haven't PMed me yet, you know who you are!
I thought I'd post this here to get all of your attention, so here goes: Masterweaver wishes to rejoin SSOC and play as Kae again.

Current SSOC cast: send me a PM with your opinion on whether or not we should let him back in. We'd have 11 out of 10 authors then, but you could look at it as having one extra for the next time someone drops. Think about it, and let me know!
The second half? Wow, that's a lot of comics! Nice introduction, though. :D
Ah ha! Awesome. xD I really do like this page, heheheh.
xD I am amused. Good job!
Yeesh, ten pages? :O Awesome! Can't wait to see 'em!