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I like do draw, alot, alot. XD i am a yuri fan to. don't ask why tho, I just am. I am also very bad at giving descriptions of myself. XP uhh...what else should i say? I have the hottest girlfriend (well in my opinion anyway). ^__^ and since i can't think of what else to put, that is all!
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Sorry about that. I am very busy most of the time, and I only come online using my sister's laptop so... She is almost always on it and I can only go on it if I ask her 1st.
She says "Don't wine to me about your stupid little comic. If they want to post something so bad there are others just like yours which I have seen others in. So they can either wait or join another one if they are impationt. And if you don't like that answer put someone else in charge of it! But stop asking to use my laptop every damn day!"

uhh... shes been in a bad mood... So... Sorry everyeone. I think I might just give this to her due to the fact she is always on or just let you all add users.... idk, I kinda liked haveing something to myself, but I have trouble getting on and it isn't fair to everyone else. =/
too late. they already did break up.
-.- its a mess tho. so maybe its good they did. tho now i have to put up with Mika....
she is cute. i like the way you color her.
happy new year!
sorry its l8.
i don't know what i am doing wrong but i am having trouble with manga studio. and with Mika (my sis) in a bad mood she won't help. well, even if she was in a good mood she will still only let me use her things but never help me with them... -.-
so this is what i did... sorry i would have colored it if i had gotten it to work on my own.
this is a pic my sister did for her manga. but its of Erin and Aisha. they are the cutest couple! Erin is the uke and Aisha the seme tho its her BL story so you don't really get to see they so much.... oh, but idk where she is in the story yet. i just read it on her laptop and im not sure how far into it she has gotten so i will shut up about it now. xD

btw story is called "Old Friends" i think anyway.. O.o

and don't mind the wording~!!! she wouldn't let me take it off! (she is just in a bad mood AGAIN... -.- )

she was in a bad mood when she was doing this. i guess her friend got a bf. only thing is that is one of her friends which goes off about being Bi and then only likes boys and .... -.- her friend is straight tho. trust me on that one. she all mad saying "how stupid can you be? girls can think others girls are hot without being lez!!! they need to shut the F*uck up and stop acting like they are Bi b/c they aren't!!!"
they find out she is lez and all tell her "oh thats so cool! i'm Bi!" its just getting to her.... (plus her and Hina had another fight or something. oh, they got back together btw. just fighting again i think... -.- aka: shes been in a bad mood.)
aw, she is cute. great job!!!
Poor Mika.... (my sister! the real mika!) her and Hina had a fight and it sounds like they broke up. (tho she won't tell me what happened)
she ran aroun d ripping up all the pics of Mika and Hina she made. (don't worry! all the good ones where already scaned!)
but now she is really sad... poor her.

this pic is Erin. a girl from her bl story. "Old Friends"
if any of you have anything nice to tell her im sure it will make her very happy! ^__^
this is Jessica.
she is an uke.
she is semeless....
she is good friends with hina! (and with hina everyone knows comes mika.)
she wears diff outfits all the time but always has an umbrella and her hair down like it is in the pic.
she is very shy and sweet.
she took me about 5 hours to do with help from my siser. (she helped by showing me how to use manga studio. thanks!)
she hates the sun, but loves to be outside.
and that is all i can think of to put right now....
another pic my sister did. she was to lazy to ink it.
yeah. she uses manga studio. i try to but am very bad at it. XD

i never saw my sister so mad before.... i am sitting in the other room when i hear her scream.... i walk inside.
"what happened?"
"who kissed who?"

turns out someone at Hina's school (Mika and Hina go to diff schools) came up to her, kissed her on the lips and confessed his love to her. she told Mika and she has been ploting to kill him. i find her online later on asking all the people on her yahoo list how to kill a boy.
on the up side she had finished this before that happened! good thing to otherwise when i got her laptop (too late to scan once again b/c its too loud) i would have nothing to post!!!! I am still in shock fomr her yelling.... kinda funny tho since our parents don't know about her being lez and she was in a really bad mood. they kept yelling at her for it telling her she has nothing to be upset about and to calm down. she told me something about boys asking her out and never kissing her so it was uncalled for when he kissed Hina.

and i am getting so confused. i kept typing their real names..... -.- but i finally got it right!!! XD
oh nice pic!

i find girls ezr to draw. not sure why. XD
oh, i like the eyes!
*evil laugh* i redid his icon! XD yayz me!!!!!
hi everyone!!!!
*evil laugh* i found out my brother's password!!! so therefore i decided to post some of my art... (just one pic, which i inked fasted....and it kinda sucks) i know this is a yuri thingy but the girl is staright. sorry. (oh and my bro knows i know his pw. he let me post this pic. XD) ew.... i don't like his icon tho... i am going to change that too!! mawhahaha!!!!!

like that art? its an old plot i am plaing to work on in my little free time i have. (as in a few old pages and plot i am redoing b/c i like it still. XD) wanna read it? click here:
September 25th, 2007
oh i like the colors used in this. and cute pic too!
oh how cute! love the colors!
a pic of Hina (my sister made Hina and Mika so you all know).

she said "sorry it isn't colored, i was too lazy. i will color it later, for now its ok." :P
i like her hair!