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i like Transformation comics and i like to go on YouTube
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@Linkziken: okay good luck with your new comic
@Linkziken: when is the next sequel is coming out?
@Linkziken: that is so cool
i like this page how his one eye is cut
@Linkziken: that's in 6 days from now
AWESOME! she cut his face ^v^
@Linkziken: wow it brings out his anger?
OMG hes cute
awww that Joltik face is cute can i have it
@Linkziken: the navigation buttons do look nice great job
@Linkziken: I guess your right who know what it can do iam i right :D
he couldn't ask the Joltic for some light i mean it is a electric type Pokemon right.
so what does this Joltik do in this Chapter?
yes iam alive not dead ok thanx for the info^-^
yeah whens the next comic or update is going to be.
oh ok i thought rosa was in love with lucus my bad and srry.
the one with the flower on her head
awwww she loves Lucaus LOL XD
can u plz update the comic a little bit faster that will be nice :)
this is a good comic that you have here