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Janianna is evolving . . . !!!
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I really love how you've blended solid black lines with the painted look of the colors.
The only thing I have to say against it is the way your pages are too wide for the web layout you chose.

Serious kudos on the reflection of light underwater effect.
I'm so putting this on my list. :)
November 26th, 2010
My first day at Arty School the teacher was late so we we're all out in the hallway waiting for class with these rolly cases we got from the school to carry our huge-ass doodle books. Every time a new person showed up they said "I feel like I'm at an airport."

I was the 3rd person there and it was a class of about 20... O.o;
Yayies! Updates! *hearts you*
I've got the same kinda quesions as tedmo.
Like, how long have you been drawing?
What inspired/influenced your stlye?
etc. etc. etc.
What's the story?

Sweeney Todd eat your heart out.

and no cookies for me who couldn't get it. *_*
I'm suddenly reminided of Pink Floyd...
*chockes out throught laughter*
[From left to right]

Jiyani [Fruit Salad Veteran]
-age: 23
-hotel cook
-an optimist who likes to believe in the best of people. He very often develops motherly affection for his friends, which probably stems from worrying about his little brother. Through a stream of extensive therapeutic sessions he has recently come closer to overcoming his tragic fear of butt sex. Although he was born into an insanely wealthy family he works. It is his mother's warped way of showing her love.

Janus [New Comer]
-age: 19
-born into money, still on a (large) allowance
-Jiyani's little brother. Enjoys teasing his brother most in the world, and in that resembles his mother. He was born to a wealthy family and as a result gives his life over to enjoying himself rather than working to support himself. He is light hearted, carefree, and at most times completely reckless. Always looking and ready for new experiences.
The hills are alive~!

Total flash back on that first background. :3
*is very happy*
I remember some girl asked me if I could fly when I told her that I was wiccan(witch) was really funny. :3
Just found (and read) your comic and I absolutely LOVE your style it's so detailed and fun. It's also really unique, I really really love it! <3 :)
Adam- "or else..."
Some people even drink with bowls... @.@ You should try it sometime. It can be refreshing. :)
Yay! I like this new character. :3

When I had snow days in Ohio I didn't know it untill about half an hour till they announced it. It was always announced after I went to wait for the bus. Some kindly lady would stop on her way to work and tell me...

(I'm also really happy the contest is due on a sunday...'cause I haven't started yet... way busy...T.T)
December 10th, 2007
Hmm... I wouldn't say he's quite emo, even though he is clearly filled with angst, he seems a bit non-depressive to be emo to me.

Kizzy=love <3
That's great!
I always get some nasty glares whenever I don't use the silverware or drink with a spoon...
A littl late in noticing.. but AN ENVIORNMENTAL MESSAGE, YAY!!!