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I'm an optimist. I like to draw/write/sing/dance/snap my fingers/play Mancala/read comics AND novels/ice skate/go camping/play with playmobiles/play videogames/mess with photoshop/eat/sleep/stand in front of air conditioners/wear scarves...
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That's definitely halohalo ~ <3
I'm sorry Blake, but right now you're kinda piece of shit >:/

But also, this is getting more and more dramatic, which I do enjoy!
Oh geezus it's been a while. I'm so glad I caught up with this comic, you're doing such a great job on it.
Bailey's dad makes me so happy. He's just like MY dad :D
October 5th, 2010
The fame and fortune and more. Ahh~, Lucas Grabeel, you melt my heart.
I find the last panel very striking and emotionally powerful.
Sergio is the late bloomer of the trio of children, huh. I mean, obviously he's pretty confused. Though I didn't think it would take him 5 PAGES OMG to understand what was going on.

BTW, I see that little shop link at the top. I'd like you guys to know I would put the money down for this comic in printed form. Right away.
Now I get the title :P "Minor" indeed.
"I am the AWESOME apprentice of Everywhere Kid! Be jealous."
I really like how you make the story flow from panel to panel. Like, a lot.

Um, I have some questions pertaining to your process: Did you do all the drawing steps on the computer (like sketch/lineart)? Did you script/thumbnail this comic (I ask this particularly because you have stated previously that you do everything pretty much on an as-needed basis)?
SO intense! My favorite page thus far.
The movie was pretty. And Zuko was fine. I'm not a big turd about name pronunciation.

The problem I had with this movie was the dialogue, and the fact that it was so SO serious, and thus took itself TOO seriously. This movie would have been fine if there had been some humor or comedic dialogue or a funny face or SOMETHING. But it was very depressing and no funny at all. It was essentially very boring.

The technological end, on the other hand, was just fine. If you wear earplugs, it is easier for fans to enjoy.
I am in love with that top panel. I wouldn't mind having that as a desktop background.
I really want to play dodgeball right now.
AURGHKDSGFKDGS DUDE. That is NOT what you're supposed to say.
I really like this page. Not that I don't like the style of the normal pages (because I love that style too), but it's refreshing to see the characters in a separate style sometimes.
ou have made me very happy today with this update. I love this pairing.
I just wanted you to know this is may favorite page you have ever drawn. Everything about this is perfect. Edwardian's mannerisms, Parakeet's face in the last panel... This page is my definite fave. Awesome job.