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Phantira Phanton
I am a huge Pokemon fan, play 3DS and write on my stories in my sparetime.
I am studying, but would rather have a job.
I live alone with my guinea pig Sparky.
As for Pokemon, I am a huge fan of Ghost Pokemon, Gengar being my all time favorite
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Thank you for all the great joy and insperation your comic has brought us. I am sad to see it end, but I understand. I wish the best for you and whatever awaits you in the future ^^
Awesome! I remember this from your Stream. Was a lot of fun to watch and chat there :3
Remember the face you gave Del XD
@Seiryuu no Kibachiyo: That would be so wicked, especially if it had the same dark grey eyes as it's mega evolution >:D
OMG! Del's expressions in this one, especially the last frame, had me laugh hard XD

Love him!
I love Del. He makes the best remarks ever :D
I don't know what that Kecleon is on, but if he sells it, I want some :3
Kekeke! Serves that racist reptile right! >:D
@Soulstormraptor: True, but Del knows Focus Blast, so he should be able to do something :3
Gengar anatomi
@Axies: Actually, Gengars are 100 % solid, unlike it's previous evolutions that was 95 % gas and the other 50 % gas. This is why it lost the title "Gas Pokemon". But can be transparent, because it is awesome like that :3
But guys, him being cute doesn't find Del's friends D:>
Del's "I don't give a ****" expression is pretty hilarious XD
@Lala: True, but I just don't like him. Sorry. He was too much of a stick in the mud for me
I always hated that annoying bird brain >:/
BTW! What are Hoodlums?
@andreya225: I am sure you will need them sooner or later. :3
Geez Rodney! I know you are in a foul mood, but try to be a Team Player