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My name isn't fake, for starters. Don't give me that look, it's not.

I like long walks on the beach by moonlight, candlelit dinners and that other stereotypical thing.
And webcomics!
Which is why I made this account.

I currently have no plans to upload any content, but that may change with time.
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    I.P Freely
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Classroom 8-4
After going into 24 classrooms prior and Bowser's Office 4 times, they finally found the Peach, who should've been let out 4 hours ago. You'd think someone would've remembered which classroom she was in...

Glad I'm not late for the comic this time, guys!
Lucario: Now tell me, Toon, how long has your grandmother's boat been talking to you?
Secretary: Mr. Lucario, sir? Pit is waiting outside. He says Samus forced him to come because he was "talking to the Gods" again.
Lucario: ....Thank you. I'll try to make this quick.

Nice work again, guys! Not the direction I was expecting!