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It's a very nice change of style!. Hope to see more of it!
It's fine c;
It's size is fine. Heck i need 150% Zoom to match the width of my screen (1080p).

It should be fine for 720p as they have 100%.

Could be an Issue at 480p But who uses that res nowadays?
@dioptasy: No problem! I'm looking forward to it!
hahah that pun was bugging me :3
If it is, i'm very sad. still having a glimmer but, that a fool's glimmer for sure ;c
Been a while
I don't know what happened to you, hope you arent dead or anything serious, I'm still hoping you will update, someday. It's been so long that even the player broke.
Just found it, Very nice artstyle u got there. One of the Rare promising comics i found after 5 years on smackjeeves, There was STLE (Now rebooted). Kranburn (Now missing all together ) the TV Box comic RGBW (Gone as well) So i'm hopefull that this one will turn out Nice and Marvelous!
Didn't saw it comic, made my day xD
Let's hope that this piston will have Flattened his ego a little :P
You'll get here eventually c:. i'm loving them so far :D

My pc builder side made me think he upgraded from a i3-4100 to a i5-4670 :P
@zignoff: Nice C: , just take your time, hoping to see how awesome it's gonna be c;
Just read your comic, it's awesome, i just hope more pages will come c;
No problem Jutopa! :D , Though Props for Oak for Trying to Back up his Data.
It's fine.
Once i read your comment, i figured it out.

What you could do is putting another page that indicate where to read from. Or just leaving that note on your comment.

So it's fine C:

Edit after context______

Oh so He didnt lose everything, but most, Ik you won't reveal any detail about that but my theories are.

-Oak Backed everything, But the updates to his papers were overwhelming and had to stick with a bi-monthly backup.

-The sheer amount was so much that he had to do a much more brief version, excluding some details ( that's if scanning machines didn't exist in Pokemon )

-His Cloud backing was so recent that he didn't have time to backup everything, that date can be anywhere to 1-10 year if he typed one book everyday (or scan, giving spare time for research ) accounting his library is 365 to 3600 Books, which i wouldn't be surprised.

So my conclusion is he Partially backed up the data, but it was either Incomplete, Not Updated, or Simplified.
Lol it's okay Manny, we all do a funny fail once in a while XD