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Didn't saw it comic, made my day xD
Let's hope that this piston will have Flattened his ego a little :P
You'll get here eventually c:. i'm loving them so far :D

My pc builder side made me think he upgraded from a i3-4100 to a i5-4670 :P
@zignoff: Nice C: , just take your time, hoping to see how awesome it's gonna be c;
Just read your comic, it's awesome, i just hope more pages will come c;
No problem Jutopa! :D , Though Props for Oak for Trying to Back up his Data.
It's fine.
Once i read your comment, i figured it out.

What you could do is putting another page that indicate where to read from. Or just leaving that note on your comment.

So it's fine C:

Edit after context______

Oh so He didnt lose everything, but most, Ik you won't reveal any detail about that but my theories are.

-Oak Backed everything, But the updates to his papers were overwhelming and had to stick with a bi-monthly backup.

-The sheer amount was so much that he had to do a much more brief version, excluding some details ( that's if scanning machines didn't exist in Pokemon )

-His Cloud backing was so recent that he didn't have time to backup everything, that date can be anywhere to 1-10 year if he typed one book everyday (or scan, giving spare time for research ) accounting his library is 365 to 3600 Books, which i wouldn't be surprised.

So my conclusion is he Partially backed up the data, but it was either Incomplete, Not Updated, or Simplified.
Lol it's okay Manny, we all do a funny fail once in a while XD
you've done it, the beginning of sinking into the darkness... and you will never escape >:3

Nice page :P

I just hope Oak Make Backups in the cloud :P.

There is 2 types of people
-Thoses that doesn't do Backups
-Thoses who didn't.
*Insert Requiem for a dream here*
@SkyHooves: And as her brain restart we hear that
October 3rd, 2016
Broken Page
I thought it would be useful to let you know that the Page #8 - 02 is not loading at all for me, the others do just fine.

EDIT: Now its working now
@Guest: I confirm, the image link is broken for me too
>If the dragon Get too close, try to damage the eyes with the spear then hide again
@Jedi-J2: Naw, if i remember my math, that mean.

The bigger is the blast size, the less you'll be injured. i'll try to do a small graph by the % of injuries to size of blast


EDIT: Site dont like multispacing so i put _
*Insert Battery music from metallica*

Her face is like: Oh Hell naw you ain't gonna get my son
>Take the Pickaxe