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I'm a little teapot short and stout. -prances away-
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April 5th, 2014
This was kind of unexpected though, BUT I LOVE THE WAY HER MOM THINKS.
And I uh -nervous sweating-;;;;; love u for finishing this page (no homo) ö v ö b

You deserve more praise.
Poor Noah tho aehsoghs gsohg

Also why is everyone naked in Dalias drawing do you have something to say...are you hinting at something ?
Would reply on the other page...
@Loverofpiggies: But I'm unsure if you read them or not.
Anyhow I was wondering if you have like a little tutorial or walkthrough about how you create your art, from sketch to color I suppose? Always lovely to see the process. If you don't (or don't want to share) then that's totally fine.
I honestly expected her to fully transform into someone else, not just get certain abilities, but the fact that she didn't makes me appreciate this even more.
On a side note Bloo is a jerk isn't he. It was just the first thing that came to mind with Blue, haha;;
OTL going to be quiet and sneaky from now on again though.
@Guest: Her wand transformed into her boots if you didn't notice :)
I've been quietly stalking your comic for awhile, decided to finally log in and stalk for real.
Love everything about your comic, the whole idea and the simplicity in this style compared to your older works.
Ahhh the plot just keeps getting more interesting every time I come back here, can't wait to see more.

Also wanted to mention that it would have been hilarious if blue turned out to be "Bloo" from fosters home for imaginary friends as an April fools joke (Too bad it's past April 1st ).